Russian President Wladimir Putin has announced a closer monitoring of the Internet in Russia to protect of national security. The number of attacks on Russian IT resources has grown extremely, he said on Wednesday of the Agency Interfax that during talks in Moscow. Security Council Chief Nikolai Patruschew said more than 57 million hacker attacks in the first half of this year. Especially in the last six months there was a sharp rise in the cyberattacks of the Ukraine crisis in the course. As culprits for the attacks in the first half of the year, Patrushev mentioned foreign intelligence services, criminal and radical groups, which he described as extremists and terrorists. Patrushev said there was a link to events such as in Sochi, with reference to the Winter Olympics. In Russia, many restrictions apply to the Internet. So blogger at the supervision of the media must register about. Critics of the President say the Kremlin have also used new laws to block sites from government critics. Vladimir had been critical Putin himself in April on a Media Forum on the Internet. It had originally been a CIA special project and develop further still as such, the Russian President was quoted. Only last week, in a conversation of Putin with his communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforow clear that Russia wants to become independent of foreign technology in the field of software, financed by a tax on software from abroad. So far, however, such efforts not by resounding success were crowned. . Additional data can be inspected visiting url.

the Government intervenes in many areas, including the great project Pompeii, and simplify the procedures of governance by strengthening the powers of the Director-General. Among the novelties of the Decree there was in fact a section dedicated to lyrical symphonic Foundation which provided for, inter alia, the increase of EUR 50 million for the Endowment Fund 2014 for the 30-year funding to those institutions that have presented rehabilitation plans.   The Minister of culture and tourism Dario Franceschini has signed the statutory instrument which identifies criteria that will, from now on, the recognition of the special autonomy for Milan’s La Scala and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome according to the criteria prescribed by the Decree Art Bonus an important step-says Fernandez in a note-to reward the more virtuous foundations of Italian symphonic. And then on Twitter writes: now I am expecting a brave decision and turning point from the Opera of Rome. In the Decree, approved Bonus Art in late July. Original source could be studied clicking the following

The Chancellor would really be ready to live behind this wall of sanctions against Russia, economic ersatz of the former Berlin wall? Only difference: the old wall closing the GDR from the inside, then the new seeks to cut Russia from the West. The subject becomes problematic if the record players lose all sense of reality. Because Russia, as the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on industry in the State Duma (lower House of the Russian Parliament) Vladimir Goutenev, said yesterday after all adopted a very moderate position and did all that was in his power. The Russian president has initiated negotiations between the warring parties and contributed to the cease-fire in the southeast of the Ukraine. He is even shown ready to make concessions to Kiev on the gas issue. And today the Russia expects reciprocal steps from the West, found MP, were not yet aware of the formal discussion of the EU ambassadors. . Main data could be read visiting this homepage.

Hong Kong to be staged on a Maidan Asia with the same Director to Kiev, where street protests have led to the overthrow of the legitimate Government of Ukraine and to new elections. So the Russian tv-largely controlled by the State-is presenting viewers pro-democracy demonstrations exploded into territory. The financial center of China has transformed into a tent city similar to the Ukraine, said yesterday, during the newscast of 20 the host of Garments, explaining that most experts agree that the similarity is not coincidental. The protests in Ukraine and China can have the same direction, he added, without mentioning directly the West. But the reference was clear to anyone. The same theory is condivsa by the channel Ntv, known for having often packaged programs in recent years to discredit the internal opposition in Russia. In an article from Washington, As he asked then if the striking image of the revolution of umbrellas, used by Western media to describe the latest evolution of Occupy Central, is not something invented at a table outside to provide a juicy image to the world’s cameras. Think that the smartphone generation was able alone to turn your phone into an instrument of political struggle it is unthinkable for Russian tv, which immediately confronted two videos of a girl in Kiev and one in Hong Kong, demanding both democracy for their country and to spread their appeal on social networks. The implied is that the video so well packaged is an operation, even this, premeditated. Bluntly, however, condemns the US Administration for having been allowed to give advice to Beijing on how to handle the protest. The second service ended with the intervention of a European expert, according to which the United States have targeted all those countries that have an independent foreign policy, and not pro-Western, and not run to do what orders the America. For this it is entirely plausible that Americans now seek to raise problems within China, which has not signed up to sanctions against Russia, the expert concludes. . Original facts may be studied clicking this fact.

Rome after five years of corrective "tears and blood", only those launched from 2011 to 2014 budget weigh 64 billion the Government loosens its grip on Radio public finance. Defying European orthodoxy of rigor, and invoking not one but two exceptional circumstances that impact on the national budget, the recession and the implementation of reforms, the Commission has decided to postpone the draw of actual budget to 2017. And to suspend for one year and the next, the adjustment path towards the objective. In the 2015 will therefore be a year off, of breath: there will be demand stimulus measures, with the confirmation of tax cuts for workers and businesses, but there will be a correction of the public deficit. Who indeed will slip by 2.2% of GDP, where you assesterebbe without doing anything, at 2.9%, a hair below the Maastricht ceiling that will still be respected. A new restrictive manoeuvre, says the Executive, would have weakened even more the economy fall into recession for the third time in a few years: «may cause-we read in the treasure cards-screwing in a perverse spiral». The return of growth will be the inspiring pattern of maneuver that will take the body over the next two weeks with the stability Law. The measures are those indicated by premier two days ago and confirmed yesterday by Minister of economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, at the end of the Council of Ministers which approved the change of economy and finance, with the new forecast. The income tax of 80 euro bonus to employees will be confirmed with the same features as this year, but there will also be reductions on the cost of labour to business, about 2 billion fewer contributions, the loosening of the Pact for the municipalities, funding for the school and for the reform of the labour market. The new social safety nets would be for at least a billion and a half. The shells will arrive largely by spending cuts, but for example to fund new social safety nets, Joshua explained yesterday, is expected to review, with a scaling, of "tax expenditures", i.e. of the reductions, rebates and tax breaks granted to businesses. In the law of Stability could be the rules for temporarily move a part of severance pay in workers ‘ paychecks. The problem is that to compensate for small businesses that would disappear a direct funding source. But the budget, theoretically, the Tfr does not cost anything and would very handy for shooting consumption. For 2015, the Government seems to be quite optimistic. The economy is seen growing by 0.6%, 0.5% a trend, which adds a 0.1% resulted from the reforms. While the primary surplus would still than the already low level this year (1.6% vs. 1.7 percent). In 2015 the Government suggests again a small correction maneuver of public accounts (0.1% in structural terms, i.e. NET economic effects), but only from 2016 structural deficit reduction would return to be equal to 0.5%, as he had asked for the EU. Also increases the debt, despite the appreciation of GDP. Would rise to 133.7 in 2015, but popped a few decimal places, to 133.4%. To do so will serve the planned privatization of 0.7% per year, which the Government confirms, but as an average in the next three years. Now the game moves to Brussels. Indeed in Luxembourg, where EU Finance Ministers will meet on 12 and 13 October next, in two days from the final date for delivery of the new budgetary laws. . You must click this to discover extra on this amazing subject.

Peace traced the course of the disease of man who travelled from ten days Liberia in the United States ago: at the airport, he showed no symptoms yet, only days later he suffered from disease. The first signs are reminiscent of a flu: fever, headache, chills. Later stomach up to internal bleeding. The doctors taking into account wanted to not share how hard the man is ill, on his privacy. But for now, he should be treated on the isolation ward of the hospital in the Dalles. Tom peace explained the next steps: we will identify all persons who were with the diseased in contact, so the disease expert.   This would occur in the next three weeks. The outbreak period is up to 21 days, then you know whether someone has been infected. The contact persons there should be a handful of people, because Ebola is transmitted only through body fluids. Close contact with family members is necessary, so the physician. So the risk is vanishingly small that other passengers on the flight from Liberia to Texas could have contracted: because keep in mind it can spread the disease only someone, where it already has broken out, so peace – and that happened Not yet in this case on the flight. Although the Director of the disease promises to be able to stop the disease in the United States, a few outstanding issues remain. For example, why it lasted even A few days before the man on the isolation ward came, although he already showed Kranheitsymptome: there are signs that can have many reasons and be so peace not associated with Ebola,. The food and drug administration in the United States has therefore urged all emergency stations to ask about possible travel in suspected cases and then rapid tests. . For more information about this matter read

The Center for disease control and prevention (Cdc) in Atlanta will announce shortly the first case diagnosed in the Usa by ebola, haemorrhagic fever epidemic underway in Africa. The print sources, according to which the Cdc held a press conference in about half an hour, together with three Texas health officials. It is actually a man arrived from Liberia in Texas already infected by the virus. Arrived in the us, was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where the disease was confirmed: the man was immediately put into isolation and medical personnel made safe. By 27 July, 12 other people were undergoing tests for ebola. They were all negative. The National Institute of health had admitted a doctor recently exposed to the virus while he was a volunteer in Sierra Leone. And four other suspected patients were delivered in hospitals in Georgia and Nebraska. Symptoms of ebola, fever, muscle aches, vomiting, bleeding: the disease can occur up to 21 days after exposure to the virus. . You should visit this home page to learn extra on this interesting matter.

The biggest surprise Microsoft’s Windows Manager, Terry Myerson, right at the beginning of the events in San Francisco announced: the successor of Windows 8 will not work as expected called Windows 9. Instead, Microsoft presented an early version of Windows 10 that will now once again more closely resemble the number seven from the Windows product range in some functions. Quite A lot confusion about the numbers game of the software giant, which had otherwise only a few innovations in the luggage. Rather than perform a finished version of Windows 10, the company wants to invite its users to the development process until the start of the sales end of 2015 to help shape – the so far most comprehensive attempt of user involvement in the company’s history. In addition, Microsoft has revised the features of the apps can be going like normal programs in Windows and so for example minimizes and moved. Also the change between different functions should be flowing: the new task view allows between different desktops back and forth to switch, so crowded and cluttered screens should belong to the past. The shown features sound all nice, are however only Very much restricted views of the new Windows 10. Microsoft wants to here still put and along with the users develop the operating system until the end of 2015. A test version for PC and laptop here can be downloaded from the 1st of October. Under the name Windows Insider program, Microsoft will deliver new versions and improve based on user feedback. Also a developer of apps come in the future benefit from the new openness of the company: it should be possible 10 with Windows, to develop new apps once and spread through a common store on different devices. Fully Microsoft not settled then but yet in the cards look: at present, the company wants to make still no information about the planned price of Windows 10. Microsoft would not confirm also rumors that the new operating system free of charge will be made for Windows-8 users available. It remains to be seen, how Windows 10 in the coming months will evolve and what model of selling the operating system end of 2015 on the man to be brought. But at least a similar bust like when Windows 8 should be avoided by obtaining user feedback during the development. . You must read this to read more on this great topic.

With a speech tricky and hard men of the mountain rescue team managed to rescue a base jumper who had launched with the parachute from the Beak of the Eagle, on the Monte Brento in Trentino. After having launched man probably lost altitude remaining entangled among the rocks. In that position, suspended in a vacuum at about 300 meters, remained all night. Last night, in fact, his friends saw him arrive not experienced the 118 and shortly after there arrived the men of the mountain rescue team, along with firefighters and police, but it could not be immediately rescued. The men of the mountain rescue team, after a long and complicated operation in the wall, they managed to finally get there and bring it back to Earth. Because of the dark, the helicopter is not able to step in and rescue workers have reached the base jumper after a climbing wall is not simple. After having reached the rescuers have immediately proceeded to put it safely. Meanwhile the route of climbing has been equipped with the strings that were used to get the doctor to provide first aid in the wall to the man who then was put on a stretcher. Later, through a very delicate operation, the men of the mountain rescue team managed to bring down the wall of the mountain the stretchers with the wounded. At the first light of dawn the man finally was loaded with the winch on the helicopter that carried him to the hospital Santa Chiara of Trento. The young fortunately is not life threatening, but it only has a fractured leg. This is not the first case that occurs in the area, already during the summer there was a similar case which saw committed men of the mountain rescue team. . Additional information can be found clicking reference.

Opposite him, that the renewal of State contracts (3.3 million people) and its thawing salaries that are firm for years. When a decree of the 4th Berlusconi Government has imposed the coercive block from 2011 to 2013 with a savings for the public purse estimated at over 11 billion euros. The stability of executive law Read had renewed the freeze until the end of 2014, with even a block of turn over until 2017. On the occasion of the presentation of the document of Economics and finance in April, economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan had also stated that there was no "no reference to blocking hypothesis of public sector bargaining" and had assured the trade unions by announcing that "the financing resources for contractual renewals of the public service is carried out with the stability law"wait a day and, for this reason alone the coverage was not contained in the Final.  On that occasion, the Minister of public administration Marianna Madia had denied further contract renewal slip before declaring the opposite at the end of the summer, when he announced the absence of resources to unlock the salaries of civil servants, at the stake by 2010 and the extension for another year.   . Original source may be studied checking the following article.