We can bet by digital technologies to redefine the participation and political debate. The responsible of the new participation forms, Miguel Ardanuy, ensures to be improving the democratic system through the implementation of different digital tools. Ardanuy States have approached numerous options, such as DemocracyOS, and be creating portals and digital applications. For now, the network has launched the portad of Reddit, we can square, which, according to Ardanuy, creates a space of encounter and debate that did not exist before. The site, which had 26. 000 visits only on Monday, allows not only comment on proposals, but release them also. The system itself is responsible for classifying them and filter them according to the votes of the users. In the same vein, collective interviews, that only politicians respond most voted questions are underway. Also initiatives are underway such as the Bank of talents, which provides volunteers to help the party, and the Bank of ideas, that is expected to come out in the fall. Ardanuy insists that the most important thing is to create atmosphere of debate, but it does not rule out that some day these votes can become binding. Since we can says that 15M was the political revival of Spain and that the creation of the party is the second wave of interest. Ardanay says that what has been learned in 15M made them stronger and able to normalize the participation, both physically in circles and digital social networks. We can, with more than 663. 000 likes on Facebook, is the most popular party. On Twitter, the party led by Pablo Iglesias has more followers than the PP and the PSOE together, 304. 000. for Ardanuy, the major parties have little incentive these resources and have used them to themselves, to win elections, not to encourage the empowerment of the citizen. . Original data can be read reading the following website.

The border collie dog breed that launched on behalf of intrepid Lassie in the world, is actually a male. More meaningful, realistic. Lassie is an overwhelming male even in the tv adaptation ‘ 54, born at the behest of producer Robert Maxwell (sort of a Mad Hatter with a passion for classic family adventures), the animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax and the CBS network that did the twirl the Olympus shows more fortunate of America. This year, on 12 September, the Lassie television show celebrates sixty years; it closed in March of ‘ 73 after seventeen seasons non-stop, confronted with the epochal shift from black and white to color, putting himself at the service of commemorative stamps, strictly adopted by u.s. post offices, and following a trail of precipitated in kitsch films. Lush Prairies, Lassie explores the American world without motion capture or special sensors; It is an expressive nose and the emotional charge of the protagonists.   Lassie does sesant ‘ years. The first episode of the tv series aired in September 1954. A long series of telefilms that ended in 1973 after seventeen seasons. By then, films for the big screen, cartoons, gadgets and stamps. And a long list of players on all fours. Especially males, to interpret the mythical dog. In this video, the beginning of the first episode of the series. Everything is born in a lonely and casual, in 1938. Eric Knight, before taking us citizenship, was an English author emigrated to California, desperate for a job. With a canine theme, tale set in Yorkshire and published on the pages of the Saturday Evening Post, a slew of editors bow at his feet, eager to translate the report into a novel ready for merchandising. In the tourbillon to gag, tears, laughter and adventure, the rights to Lassie are bought in haste from cineproduzione company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for $ 10,000. From 1943 onwards there will be a hundred adaptations (son of Lassie included) plus a few tv episode lost in the world and never dubbed in Italian. Lassie come home is blossom also the first agreement between a young Elizabeth Taylor (he was 11 years old) and the giant Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, for the role of Priscilla. The candidate should have been number one Maria Flynn but, according to reports from the set, the Flynn was terrified by the dog while it ran. There are other voices: they say that Liz has replaced Mary because the second was Roddy McDowall in height. There are those who talk instead of a problem with the Technicolor lights that sparkle eyes of Flynn, preventing it from acting. In fact, it’s about a chance encounter between the writer Samuel Marx and Francis Taylor, Liz’s father, at North Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, if Taylor has got the part: Marx knew that Francis and Sara Sothern loved movies and wanted his daughter Elizabeth embarked on a career as an actress. Weekly pay of Elizabeth Taylor next to Lassie was just $ 100.      The trademark of Ystävykset (the title in Finland) makes rich and happy even theaters and radio programs, even James Stewart, Mickey Rooney and travelling together to Lassie from Colorado to California, in the most beautiful adventure of Lassie (1978). Every Saturday afternoon, when American soldiers are still in China in support of the nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek, millions of kids tune in dreamy on Lassie Radio Show, broadcast on ABC from NBC. Fifteen minutes charmed in which Lassie plays different types of dog, alongside entertainers and producers. In ‘ 54, sixty years ago, the rough collie becomes in effect a creature of CBS, while Pal, the dog who lends body and limbs to the character since Lassie come home, appears for the last time on the screen in the pilot episode of the tv series; He died shortly after completing 19 years. Pal is the first of nine famous collie to render the bark of Lassie-but on Facebook has already taken the barking out of sync in the acronym of Lassie-followed by Lassie Jr., Spook, Baby, Mire, Hey Hey, Boy, The Old Man and Howard. In this parallel world, a pet passes through the boundaries of the lands of America to save lives in danger, distilling lessons to children and savages like Jeff or Timmy. A handful of shows have paid tribute to the dog Lassie in the last sixty years, since Alfred Hitchcock presents to the Ed Sullivan Show up to the borders of reality. Even Ron Howard, the Richie Cunningham of Happy Days, took part in the cast of the 1970s series (episode of the seventeenth season 11, Here Comes Glory!: Part 1). The only program that, in terms of listening, gave a twist wire Lassie on tv was the wizard of Oz that between the late 1950s and the 1967 has always won the first place on Sunday afternoons. After Mickey Mouse, Kermit the frog and Bugs Bunny, Lassie finally has his paw-pardon-star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Is in good company: a few meters there are heroic also Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart, star from the millionaire pedigree. . Main source may be found reading this http://ko.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

In Timmendorfer Strand, also additional warning signs were set up to holiday makers to highlight the dangers. On Monday, rescuers had need to get there already several people out of the water to safety. A 62 from the Lower Saxony East Frisia could be obtained from a doctor still out of the water and revived, but the help came too late. How water watch shift supervisor on the Ahlbecker rescue Tower, Marco Püschl, reported that many tourists in the past few days reacted with incomprehension on the bathing prohibition. After complaints by tourists, the police had to support the volunteers on the beach of Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom on Monday. In Sellin it came according to the awake head of DLRG Peter Prussakowski on Monday to ugly scenes: the bathers had emerged unrepentant and partly with "Verbal attacks below the belt" berated the lifeguard. The police had to not only be called so, because the aid workers together with Kioskbetreibern the Kurverwaltung calming would have appeared on the guest. . For more data about this matter check web site.

More than 700 million women worldwide have been married while they were children, denounced Tuesday the UN children’s Fund (Unicef), which organises in London a conference on combating forced marriages and female circumcision. Called Girl Summit 2014, this conference co-organised with the premier British David Cameron, is the first of its kind, according to Unicef. It aims to rally support around the world to put an end to forced marriages and female circumcision, which affects more than 130 million women and girls worldwide. According to new figures from the UN Organization, among the 700 million women victims of forced marriage, more than one in three (250 million) were that they had not 15 years. Concerning female genital mutilation especially practiced in 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East, Unicef note an improvement in the situation, claiming that the risk for a teenager to undergo excision is reduced by one-third in 30 years. But without immediate actions much more intense and sustained on the part of all actors in society, hundreds of millions of girls will continue to have deep, permanent and quite unnecessary injury, warned Unicef. Girls are the property of person, they have the right to choose their destiny. When they do, everyone benefits, said Unicef Executive Director, Anthony Lake in a statement. The British Government should announce today new legislation to pursue parents who do not prevent their daughter to be circumcised in the United Kingdom. Early in July, a report by the British Parliament called national scandal the failure of the British authorities to combat female circumcision which concerns United Kingdom 170. 000 women. I want to build a better future for all of our daughters and I welcome today the + Girl + Summit so that we can say with one voice: end-up once for all with these practices, said David Cameron, adding that all girls have the right to live free from violence and coercion. Female genital mutilation involve all of interventions to remove totally or partially the external genitalia of women for religious or cultural reasons. They can cause severe bleeding and urinary problems, and subsequently cysts, infections, infertility, complications during childbirth. . Similar data can be found visiting web site.

James Rodríguez put his widest grin in the morning sun, stretched the thumbs up, and left little doubt. Real Madrid he still on Tuesday to make the signature under the multi-million dollar contract at the Spanish football champions – after the mandatory medical check in the hospital Sanitas de La Moraleja, so media reports, it should go on directly in the Presidents box of the Estádio Bernabéu. Rodríguez had convinced most recently at the World Championships in Brazil. His volleying against Uruguay in the World Cup knockout was elected the most beautiful goal of the finals, with six goals, he was top scorer, even though Colombia only reached the quarter-finals. That he had – played before only a passable season without shine in the Principality of gift. Alone by his performances during the World Cup the Rodríguez born in Cúcuta, should have doubled its market value, before last season, Monaco had only transferred 45 million euros to FC Porto. . You must check this http://ko.mindreadingsecrets.biz to discover more on this great matter.

In Cairo it is to put an end to the clashes. Hamas rejected the Egyptian draft: "does not accept our demands." Ban ki Moon by Netanyahu for an interview Blitz Israeli aircraft have destroyed this morning at least five mosques in Gaza. For military spokesman "hidden tunnels and deposits of rockets". Also destroyed the stadium of the Strip. The Chief of staff of Benny Gantz said that was discovered "the majority of Hamas tunnels". But U.s. intelligence is prudent "could be many more." Armed forces admit that an Israeli soldier dead in Gaza Sunday, is not. The searches are underway. Hamas may have taken the body to exchange with Palestinian prisoners in Israel.   On the diplomatic front is pressing for immediate truce but the obstacle are disagreements with Egypt. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo for a new draft of immediate truce. But Egypt contends: "The ceasefire agreement is written and complete, no change". UN Secretary-General Ban Ki moon seen today by Benjamin Netanyahu to bring a convergent message with that of Kerry. Abu Mazen is in Saudi Arabia. Kerry promises 47 million dollars of aid to Gaza. Hamas is opposed to the Egyptian draft because it "fails to meet our demands": "no ceasefire, humanitarian ceasefires only a few hours". And Israel retorts: "no humanitarian truce this morning".   . Extended information can be inspected visiting http://ko.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

The Switzerland has reached in the first half of 2014 a record trade surplus of 13.9 billion Swiss francs (11.4 billion euros), an increase of $ 1.8 billion over a year, despite a timid growth in export, announced Tuesday the Federal Customs Administration. On the month of June alone, exports increased by 1.2%, over the previous year, reaching 16.9 billion Swiss francs. Imports have increased by 10.5%, to 15.5 billion Swiss francs. This surge of imports is based on the medicinal products sector, whose application has ballooned over half for a total of 3.4 billion francs. During the first six months of 2014, Swiss foreign trade grew in both directions of traffic, customs said in a statement. In nominal terms, exports gained 2.7% in the first half, 102.8 billion Swiss francs, and 1.0% imports, 89 billion. Among the 10 main branches exporting, 7 have gained ground. The jewellery and jewellery won the palme (+ 9.9%), even if its growth resulted exclusively from the effect price (+ 24%). Among other sectors, industry chemistry and pharmacy, one of the pillars of the Swiss economy, saw its exports increase by 4.4% over the comparable period in the year past, a figure similar to that recorded by the industry of plastics (+ 4.2%). Watchmaking was inflated by 3%. In the 1st half of 2014, exports to all continents have progressed, with the exception of Latin America (-2%) and Oceania (-4%). On the other hand, exports to Africa won 8%. North America showed an increase of 4%, driven by the dynamism of the USA (+ 5%). Within Europe (+ 3%), Ireland (+ 36%), the United Kingdom (+ 19%) and Belgium (+ 8%) supported the growth. Asia (+ 2%) has increased thanks to China (+ 13%), Hong Kong (+ 8%), Japan (+ 8%) and the United Arab Emirates (+ 7%). Between January and June, the Switzerland imported 89.0 billion francs of goods, or 1% higher than in 2013. This increase was based on the consumer goods and equipment, the demand for raw materials and semi-finished products have stagnated. Energy products have lost ground, partly because of a drop in prices (-7%). You must visit this source to learn more on this amazing topic.

Imagine an Israeli and a Palestinian who discuss events in Gaza. To understand why after so many wars and failed peace processes, the bullfighting appears to be purposeless analyze the role of America, evaluate the demise of an old international order nor the effectiveness of a new one. Oil has very little grip and world domination doesn’t count because Israel and Palestine together are smaller in Emilia-Romagna. "But when we started to talk about peace, you have doubled» settlements, the Palestinian protest. «We never occupied those territories in 1967, if we had not been attacked, and when we offered to return them in Exchange for peace, you have refused, insists the Israeli. "We refused because in 1948 you Israelis had occupied more land than we were." "We had to create a State for the survivors of the Holocaust." «What we enter we Arabs with the Holocaust? And anyway you have started to come here much sooner. " "A Jewish presence there has always been in Palestine." "We Palestinians are here for hundreds of years." "Arabs, not Palestinians. The Palestinians have never existed ". At this point, the dispute began on Gaza 2014, collapses over the millennia, to David and Goliath, between the lines of the Bible and the Quran. The dialogue, if it continues, is among the deaf. In 1996, after the death of Yitzhak Rabin, when he was unexpectedly defeated by Bibi Netanyahu, Shimon Peres said that "the Jews had won and lost Israel": meaning that the weight of the past had crushed the present and the future. All conflicts are rooted in history but not as deep as this. And if isolated each beat of the interview-then not so imaginary-you will find that each asserts a reason acceptable. Together, these statements form a joint fresco wrongs and rights hardly discernible, unless you choose a field for ideological reasons or has not so far because of the tragedy. In fact it is almost impossible to seek fairness by recognizing a collection of common truths, because the two contenders claim from the other absolute adhesion. That is why the conflict appears stable and no way out. The confrontation between Jews and Arabs has not only survived the earthquake at the end of the cold war and bipolarity. There is no geopolitical changes that have affected: every time I changed things around, the conflict evolved rather than finding a solution. It was started in the late 19th century, when the Ottoman Empire ruled; continued in the 20th during the British colonial mandate of Palestine; before, during and after World War II. When Israel was born were the Soviets who thought to support the young socialist country, and Westerners the Arab monarchies. Instead the opposite happened. Over the past two months of chaos Israeli startups have collected foreign investments for about one billion dollars: as if there were two Israel, Athens and Sparta simultaneously. And in the years ‘ 90, in the best stage of the peace process, the Palestine economic growth had never known before: this has not prevented that by 2000 the Intifada started, and defeats the improvement of the quality of life of the Palestinians. The rationality of Economics has never managed to touch the irrationality of the conflict, over time transformed into a feud more than a comparison of national risorgimenti. The Israelis seem to bask in their inability to withdraw from work and get rid of Palestinians. . For more on this topic check http://ko.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

The Japan and the Mongolia must sign Tuesday an agreement of free trade on the occasion of the visit to Tokyo by president Tsakhiagiin Elbegdori, says the Japanese press. According to this agreement which should be signed after talks between the Mongolian president and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Mongolia will lower 5% the customs duties on imported Japanese cars, while the Japan will lower those on Mongolia beef. The bilateral agreement should also facilitate Japanese investment in Mongolia by providing better legal protection. Bilateral trade remains relatively low and amounted to $ 307 million last year, while Japanese direct investment in Mongolia reached nearly $ 207 million also year end September last. On the political level, Tokyo hope, according to the daily Japanese Asahi and Yomiuri, that this agreement with the Mongolia which maintains diplomatic relations with North Korea, will facilitate the settlement of the record of the Japanese abducted by Pyongyang during the cold war. Tokyo and Pyongyang have agreed late May to reopen this case of the abducted Japanese (17 According to the Japan), in exchange of what Tokyo partially lifted early July of unilateral sanctions against North Korea. . Related info can be found reading page.

A report by faz. NET according to the reclusive living entrepreneur died on Wednesday evening last week after recently suffering with his family at his villa in the Essen district Bredeney. The funeral took place on Monday according to the city of Essen in the closest family circle. The first Aldi store – the acronym stands for Albrecht-discount – was opened in 1962. Today Aldi in Europe, North America and Australia is represented in a total of 17 countries. Early, the brothers had the business split into Aldi North and Aldi South. The multibillion-dollar Albrechts regularly led the rankings of the richest Germans by far in the past few years. In the Forbes list of the richest people in the world, the editors Kürten Karl Albrecht in March 2014 once more to the wealthiest Germans. They estimated his fortune at $25 billion. The Forbes list is based on research of the editors, and on estimates and is considered reliable. . For additional facts on this topic check reference.