The BBC has chosen to use the fantastic universe of the oldest science fiction to the world, Doctor Who series, in an educational game. "The doctor and the Dalek", available on October 22 on the site dedicated to the children of the British group, CBBC, caters to an audience of 6 to 12 years, and tackles the difficult task of making the world of playful computer coding. The info may be marginal, but the series, which blew its 50th anniversary last year and aligns nearly 800 episodes since its first broadcast in 1963 is truly anchored in the British television landscape. To make the game more taking and attract a maximum of children, the story was written by one of the writers of the series, Phil Ford, and the doctor doubled by his interpreter, the actor Peter Capaldi.  The player is will take control of a Dalek, doctor’s worst enemy, exceptionally converted in ally in this adventure. "The game is part of the universe of the series, we are no difference between the two", says the guardian, Jo Pearce, Director of the BBC Doctor Who Interactive creation. "We wanted the best possible game, it is addictive, just by placing learning at the heart of the matter", she continues. The children must therefore solve different puzzles and enter the succession of commands, to achieve different objectives. While using their logic, each of these actions allows them to learn the particular coding world, and some of its concepts, such as loops or rehearsals. "The game begins as simple sequences, but in the last chapters, gamers will face much more complex procedures, such as Boolean logic," says Rich Jenkins, developer for BBC Doctor Who Interactive. "We want this game to be a first step towards the code, which gradually push them towards more academic, as Scratch tools", complete Pearce.   . Related facts can be found reading

In Hamburg, Ursula Lingen 1990 then tried as Theaterdirektorin: she headed the Hamburger Kammerspiele in succession to IDA honor and received much praise for their program. Her husband, Kurt Meisel, who long headed the Munich Kammerspiele, stood her on the experiment to the side, which ultimately failed after a short time on the overindebtedness of private theatre. A support trial of mirror founder Rudolf Augstein was fobbed off by the Ministry of culture. Ursula Lingen in numerous television roles, also became popular. So she played in the grandiose Haastrup scene: duel a kidnapped millionaire wife. Also in episodes of the ZDF crime stories of the Commissioner, the old and, time and again, Derrick was the Bavarian Staatsschauspielerin. On Tuesday, the Burgtheater now communicated that Ursula Lingen at the age of 86 in Vienna died. There she stood last in the divisions of Claus Peymann and Klaus Bachler as partner of Michael Heltau at the two-person piece of Love letters on the stage. Lingen died Monday after a long illness. . For extra insights on this subject read link.

Almost all of them. In Germany, the majority of people, about two-thirds, in the direction of OWL tends. Only about one-third tends to be the type of Lark. This means that significantly more late risers as early birds live here. Lerchenhafte types are awake early in the morning, tired in the evening early. Owls, on the other hand be tired late in the evening and in the morning later awake. Its first performance high is located at noon, the second in the afternoon or even in the evening. The owls need to sleep is by the way not higher than that of the larks, they sleep later, but no longer as subordinate to the word "Late". Our common work and school are too early for the average German. Scientific studies point out in unison. Young people stay in bed not so long awake at night and in the morning so long because they want to rebel against the parents, they are simply not in time tired and awake. Her internal clock is ticking delayed. It also doesn’t help when she used to go to bed, then they lie awake and are tomorrow still sleepy the next. That small children and elderly people are more lerchenhaft and teenagers and young adults is eulenhaft, biologically given to us, that we can influence hardly. Constantly, the school system is reformed, but on something obvious like a later start of school, which will increase the performance of the students and many teachers, nobody thinks. . You can visit the following website to learn more on this amazing subject.

But one who is permitted to sleep, is not just the free human being who is not suspended and conditional on not? Does no good it the peace of mind if the reason can regularly relinquish control of the night, the darkness, the uncanny? When the body gets his right, his sleep just need? Of course, who can not anything else in the war, on the run from exhaustion, asleep at some point lead and is delivered. But applies to most of the other: who sleeps, the reality trust, once awhile alone to cope. Everything is no matter the happy for a few hours. Except perhaps, he may dream what. The question of whether and when highly accelerated competition companies ever bedtime is robbing many sleep: record the feverish upward curves of the new Schlaflosigkeiten for years always aufgeregter the statistics, guides, magazines, there are now over 80 sleep medical diagnoses. And a handful of books, who opted for sleep, as if he were the last energy reserve which may not be consumed if the citizens as the sovereign of late modern societies should not abdicate appears equal in this fall. Sleep, understood the ancient mythology as the twin of death, which was in the hand of God, have the medicine and the natural sciences first thoroughly investigated and measured, then since the 1990s including the culture and humanities. Chronobiology has deployed an entire Cosmos of data to the natural rhythms of life. Books this autumn but sleep becomes politicized, whether they now unusually, scientifically, occur as a novel or as combat. One of the books in the stack is striking first: Jonathan Crarys24/7. As Crary, who actually is art historian at Columbia University in New York, is one of the few intellectual stars who make rare public absolute. Most recently, he has presented a standard work on the perception in modern culture attention in 2002 with his monumental study. Now the 63 scholars as angry left contemporary is back to the point. The weapon, which uses Crary, to save the sleep as the last residue of dreaming of another world is sharp: Crary fights with the means of the essays. 24/7 moves in the fight against a capitalism that awake and busy will adhere 24 hours a day: as a buyer, as communicators, as forever accessible and alerted. And who wants to get rid of us: as a people. And that will of course prevent Crary. He is passionately on the side of the spirit of that figure out not through efficiency calculations can be and therefore against all technical, economic and military powers that want to expose us through sleep deprivation, by they enforce our attention. Technical: for example through Palm-sized beeping and vibrating up machines, which we voluntarily in sleep mode, so we’re never quite out of reach. Military: around through the awake as long as possible to keep research of the U.S. Department of Defense on birds such as the Badger Bunting, which come out almost without sleep, aiming to learn the bird’s brain, which spread to the people could be about to soldiers. Economical: the around the clock, alternating day and night shifts and the continuous lighting of all showcase, but also by satellite, which should direct sunlight through screens in the orbit to Earth, to at any time for an all glowing out alludes to worry. Not without a fight, we must accept that the difference will be abolished by day and night, light and dark, which has ensured since time immemorial, that people can renew one third of your life sleeping, says Crary: because only someone who is asleep, is in its abandonment really in the hands of other people. Just who is asleep, vulnerable, so receives the kindness. Who sleeps is a man. Now is no apologist for wellbeing, Jonathan Crary of the sleepless therapeutic new mattresses or breathing exercises suggest would. Rather, his intellectual precision respects even the very good reasons to be sleepless: he recalls about Emmanuel Levinas’ appreciation of insomnia as a reasonable concern for a hopeless world. Crary recommends not self-absorbed individualized sleep egoism of all individuals who want to be always rested, always fit. The attention expert looks rather in the gift, to be able to listen to another person therefore in the to finesse the actual disposition of the guards who really himself makes non – 24/7 – no matter can be reached, and thus obediently brings to the track. . Extended text can be found clicking homepage.

However many fun events in Munich have taken place in more than 800 years of city history. Some sensations and useless facts did it but never in the vernacular and in the consciousness of the people. For example, that performed a Nobel laureate of temporary jobs at the Oktoberfest. Or, that a rock legend here found the big love. Or, that a church bears the effigy of a pretzel in itself. Queen singer Freddie Mercury loved a lot of things in the Bavarian capital: roast pork with dumplings, the gay bars in the Glockenbachviertel and a very special man. Winfried Kirchberger – time host of the "Sebastian corner" located near the present-day Schrannenhalle – was his great love according to a longtime friend of Mercurys. Freddie Mercury is by the way not the only met Cupid’s arrow in Munich: James Bond bought even his wedding ring. Since the 13th century the Heilig-Geist-Kirche on the Viktualienmarkt of part of the historic old town of Munich’s. The ceiling fresco of the Gothic Baroque church is particularly jewelry full, a detail of which is particularly funny: the painting depicts a man dressed in blue with a pretzels in hand. The image illustrates the so-called Brezenspende: In the 14th century once a year on the poorest citizens of Munich, a charitable "Brezenritter" supplied the tasty pretzels. . For extended facts on this topic read info.

Apple announced the financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2014, ended September 27. The company announced quarterly revenues of 42.1 billion and a net quarterly profit of $ 8.5 billion, or $ 1.42 per diluted share. These results-reads a note-comparing with those of the same quarter last year in which the company had recorded a turnover of 37.5 billion and a net quarterly profit of $ 7.5 billion, or $ 1.18 per diluted share. The gross margin was of 38 per cent, compared to the 37 recorded in the same quarter a year ago. Our fiscal year 2014 and a year of records, including the biggest launch ever with iPhone iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, said Tim Cook, Apple’s ceo. We are entering the Christmas season with the strongest product range ever, with the incredible innovations in our new iPhone, iPad and Mac in there as well as in iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite. We are incredibly excited about Apple’s Watch and other exceptional products and services planned for 2015. Extended text can be inspected visiting

In Rostock, police cars drive, because the right-wing radicals have registered a torch March against what they call abuse of asylum. At the same time, Abdoulaye Mbodji and Sheriff Barry in the Meeting Center Villa of Kunterbündnis sitting on the horse market and wonder about the atmosphere in this city, in which they fell into after their escape from Mauritania. If we go out there, the people show us the middle finger or otherwise turn on us, says Mbodji. The people have given me even Ebola’ called, says Barry. They have experienced even friendly places in Germany, but here in Güstrow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where they live in the refugee home, wave the rejection hit against them. It is not easy to be a refugee. But it is particularly difficult in some places in Germany, on the Amadeu-Antonio Foundation for democratic culture has want attention, as she led on Saturday by Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hinterland politicians and press. In many places xenophobia is a marginal phenomenon that can easily transfer an enlightened citizenry. Diversity is a grown especially in the big cities, where many immigrants live. There, refugees of the population received mostly that understanding that is available to them after the bitter experience in their home with war or political harassment. Still, the arms of the growing flow of immigrants range also to what actually is a chance in the fight against prejudice. What but exposing the affected refugees a special martyrdom in truth. In towns like Güstrow or Anklam, they stuck in an atmosphere of hostility. . For more insights about this matter visit

The Government decided to accompany more housing construction of places in crèches, with exceptional assistance to municipalities whose creation will be decided in 2015, announced the Ministry of Social Affairs.  It is one of the recommendations of the High Council of the family (HCF), that the Government will propose to the Board of Directors of the Cnaf to follow, said the Ministry. In an opinion issued on 10 October and unveiled by Le Figaro, the High Council of the family had recommended to increase 25% subsidy provided by the national Caisse d’allocations familiales (Cnaf) in the Commons, at 11. 000 euros per place average against 8800 euros currently. The objective of the Government is to increase of 275. 000 the number of seats home young children between 2012 and 2017 (+ 20% in five years): + 100. 000 places of crèches, + 100. 000 places with childminders and + 75. 000 places in nursery schools. This ambitious goal will be required, reaffirm Marisol Touraine (Social Affairs) and Laurence Rossignol (family) Ministers in the communiqué. . Extended data can be found checking url.

Obuchi announced his departure at a press conference after meeting with Abe and the head of the Government to accept his resignation. He said that he has decided to leave in order not to delay the implementation of the energy and economic measures that works his former Ministry. "As a member of the Abe Cabinet, I apologize for not having made no contribution to the re-launching of the economy or to create a society in which women can shine", he said. Obuchi, 40-year-old, telegenic, mother of two children of young age and with a modern image, was one of the most popular faces of the Cabinet and the emblem of the Japanese Prime Minister’s campaign to promote the role of women in the working world. And Abe also had she and her pull among voters to convince a reluctant Japanese public of the benefits back nuclear energy, abandoned after the disaster of Fukushima. . Original source can be found checking the following info.

Next to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, on a ground floor of Industria Street, is the headquarters of the ANC. The local serves office and warehouse for the enormous amount of yellow merchandising that the entity is financed. Dressed in tight jeans, red t-shirt and an American – that will look until you finish the day in an act of campaign in Martorell, shown by a spiral staircase. "No personal questions like", warn two of his young collaborators. Married and with two children, appears less than his 58 years. Road to his office explains that not so long ago any means used to be interested in them. Although this change in trend does not help you to relax too much during the hour-long conversation, between timid and tight when not strictly speaking of today. Today Forcadell – officer of the Department of education of the Generalitat on leave until you pass the 9-N – has developed a certain allergy to political parties, which constantly marks a certain distance that goes well with the feel of the street, but for a time spoke on behalf of one of them. Three mayors who agreed with it in Sabadell, where was work on linguistic policy, highlighted his capacity for work, but also their indisimulable will highlight. "It was a great personal ambition. "He tried to go top of the list, but in the game, which was already in charge [Joan] Puigcercós, has not relied", says a former Councillor. "I was obsessed with independence. His major proposal was a regulation for all the writings were in catalan", criticizes another Councilman who shared legislature with it. Josep Maria Civis, his first political endorser in the Town Hall, on the other hand, considers it "a tenacious muer and a patriot who delves much in all the matters that take". "At that time, when the independence movement did not have a majority predicament, we had many difficulties. It has not been an easy road", he recalls. Part of the success of the new character, already converted in 2012, President of the entity, is a simple message (never writes his speeches), away from metaphors and slogans messianic radicalism of the traditional leaders of the independence movement. It has achieved that citizens do not see it as an infiltrated from power and that power does not see it to her, for the moment, as a rival. Apart from rina tone which often used and that can bother, classes average, more likely these days to change, recognize in it a familiar figure. As it explains the political communication expert Toni Aira, in general "it it is perceived as to one ordinary citizen". "At a time where are looking for shared leadership or more horizontal relations, it, that has fought in ERC, is not identified elements belonging to any caste, to put it in language of Pablo Iglesias. Iconographically is something like a mother courage", points out. . Root facts may be read clicking the following