Theatre is expensive, but who’s going? Again, staging Hamlet for the 235th time, for whom? The social relevance of the game board, for decades, the left asked, now comes from the financial authorities: what will it cost, and what brings that to us? Nobody can appreciate that with a sense for tradition. On the other hand, the pressure releases energy. Many theatres trying to current materials with the participation of the audience. The range protocol that travels from place to place and showered with prizes from the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, where in the last five seasons 1500 citizens stood on the stage, to the experiments of the Berlin Director collective Rimini. In this context, also the Festival of new Hamburg is to see with the Deutsches Schauspielhaus has started the new season. Three weeks of theater outside of the usual: played is not in the home of the largest German theater across from the main train station, but two suburban railway stations located on the Veddel. The small Elbe island was sandwiched between the bridges, roads, rail and containers, with its 5 000 inhabitants, so far no place of institutional culture. There are people from 67 countries here, but no stage, no cinema, no Club, not even a district centre, just countless tearooms and a supermarket. The Veddel is one-quarter, as it is found in all major cities: cheap and shabby, a Migrantenquartier, that is good for some bias. . Extended information can be inspected visiting

The FIAC, one of the most important fairs of contemporary art in the world, opened its doors Thursday in two different places, building on an unprecedented presence of foreign collectors attracted by the new image of Paris on the artistic scene current. Twenty years ago, Paris was considered, wrongly, as a place where it happened not big thing in contemporary creation. This perception has changed thanks to important inaugurations, says Jennifer Flay, Director of the FIAC. Much is said about Paris who found something sparkling, attractive for an international audience, she adds. 191 galleries from 26 countries are present in the canopy of the prestigious Grand Palais for the 41st edition of the international fair of contemporary art; 65% of them are European compared to 73% in 2013. Among the participants, the France arrives in lead with 48 galleries, followed by the United States (45) and Germany (26). As foreign collectors, from China, the United States or the Middle East, they are more than ever at the venue. Ever since I deal with the Fiac (for the 11th time), we had been to this point sought by large groups of foreign collectors, says Jennifer Flay. The number of Chinese collectors has so multiplied by eight since 2001. But there are also groups that come from the Middle East, the United States, Latin America, observes. The FIAC, moreover, expands this 41st edition, with a new event, called (OFF) ICIAL and open to the new territories. It is held in the Docks – city of fashion and Design, connected by river shuttle to the Grand Palais. (OFF)ICIAL welcomes some 60 galleries and boasts a look at 360 ° away from standardization. -Exceptional week for Paris – La FIAC welcomes its first visitors in the heart of an exceptional artistic week for Paris between the inauguration of the Foundation Louis Vuitton, Monday, and the reopening of the Picasso Museum, next Saturday. But the change of image of the city in contemporary art has not yet materialized in the field of the auctions. Artprice, the world leader in data on this sector, Paris has made 23 million euros of income over the period July 2013 – July 2014 against 541 million for New York and 299 million for Beijing. The Parisian place has lost its 5th place, beaten by Shanghai and attended by Guangzhou (South), while the contemporary art auction market has been the best year in its history. Jennifer Flay detects no dominant trend for this 41st edition, in styles or in the media. At most can be noted among young artists a return to geometric abstraction in small formats, she explained to AFP. The majority of the 1. 451 artists exposed in different places of the FIAC are Americans (25%), German (12%) and French (11%). Therein the five highest rated artists in the auctions: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, Christopher Wool (all three Americans), Zeng Fanzhi (China) and Peter Doig (Great Britain). Last year, the FIAC had attracted more than 73. 000 people. . Original facts can be studied clicking this

Press publishers had instructed overwhelmingly VG media, compared to Google to explain a revocable ‘Gratiseinwilligung’ in the gratuitous use of their newspapers and magazines, the collecting society announced on Wednesday evening. The VG media press publisher be compelled in the face of overwhelming market power of Google to take this extraordinary step, it said in the statement. Including Axel Springer (image, world) belong to the shareholders of the VG media and the Munich-based Burda-Verlag (focus). Finally, Google had announced to make the content of the publishers that are organized in the VG media, Google News in the form of tighter. In the message summary the Preview content from the affected publishers should represented by October 23 only with headings. Preview pictures and brief text cracks should account for this. Google recently asked the Federal Cartel Office to clarify the antitrust dispute to the copyright. In a letter, the group asked the authority for the determination in dealing with these publishers to be not working. This involves the question of whether Google abused its market position if it only shortened represents search results from specific publishers. . Inspirational data can be read visiting the following homepage.

It has long been regarded that the greatest strength of America lay not in its military power, but in an economic system the envy of the world. But why would it today for the other States to reproduce an economic model under which a large proportion of the population – if this is a majority – knows a stagnation of incomes, while those of the wealthiest soar? America ranks fifth in terms of HDI, behind the Norway, the Australia, the Switzerland and the Netherlands. Once inequalities built into this score, it loses again 23 seats – a fall among the more dizzying for a highly developed country. America then finds himself indeed behind the Greece and Slovakia, countries that public opinion did not used to be considered as models, or as competitors of America at the height of the tables. The Act of 2010 on the patient protection and affordable care (or "Obamacare") was designed to mitigate these threats – a number of solid indicators actually showing a reduction in next and significant number of Americans are not insured. Nevertheless, and especially due to a decision of the supreme court, as well as the stubbornness of the Governors and Republican parliamentarians, who in two dozen American States refused to extend the Medicaid (for the most disadvantaged health insurance) program – and many that the federal Government take supports almost all of the invoice-, 41 million Americans remain private health insurance. The recent economic slowdown truly bled the wealth of many individuals. In the United States, and even from the recovery of the stock market, median earnings fell by more than 40% between 2007 and 2013. This means that many of elderly or citizens approaching retirement are concerned today for their standard of living. Millions of Americans have lost their homes; even more numerous are the millions of them faced with insecurity linked to the possibility of losing a day their. The report of the International Commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress (which I Chair) noted that GDP is not a good tool to measure the performance of an economy. The reports of the Office of the U.S. Census and the UNDP remind us of the importance of this aspect. Too much has already been sacrificed on the altar of a fetish around GDP. Regardless of the pace of growth, when an economic system fails to confer a gain to the majority of its citizens, and that he sees grow IPU a population exposed to growing insecurity, it is the fundamental meaning an economic system failed. With respect to these policies which, like austerity, aggravate insecurity while eroding the lowest incomes and the standard of living of a large part of the population, they are revealed all also failing on a fundamental level. . You can check this website to read more regarding this amazing subject.

Road safety (NHTSA) U.S. Agency extended Wednesday his warning to 7.8 million vehicles equipped with faulty airbags, manufactured by the Japanese supplier Takata, and requested their recall by the concerned manufacturers. In a statement, NHTSA asked the owners of 7.8 million vehicles from the years 2000 to 2007, including some premium brands such as Lexus and BMW, to inspect as soon as possible. Monday, the warning focused on 4.74 million vehicles. This very rare alert press those who live in areas such as Florida (Southeast), Puerto Rico, the island of Guam, the islands of Virgin and Hawaii, to repair their cars, said the Agency. These States are preferred initially because of their high ambient humidity which can contribute to aggravating the problem. Most of the major car manufacturers are concerned: Toyota (877 000 vehicles), Honda (5.05 million), Nissan (694 626), Mazda (64 872), BMW (627 615) and General Motors (unknown number), Chrysler (371 309), Ford (58 669), Mitsubishi (11 985) and Subaru (17 516). The Agency asked to recall the affected vehicles. Responding to these calls (,.) is essential for the safety of persons and it help our investigation on the airbags of Takata and on what appears to be a problem with long exposure to high levels of humidity, argues the head Deputy of the NHTSA David Friedman. For a technical reason not yet identified, these airbags may not function normally and cause an explosion or a fire starting, according to documents transmitted individually to NHTSA by the automotive groups. This problem is at the origin of several accidents that have resulted in investigations of the Agency and the complaints against certain manufacturers, including Honda in the United States. Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 million vehicles equipped with faulty airbags were the subject of recalls around the world. These difficulties have caused heavy loads to Takata, company Tokyo over 80 years which employs more than 43. 500 people in the world, and who should bear the cost of repairs carried out by dealers in the constructors. According to market sources, Toyota decided to keep his trust in Takata, whose title has fallen by more than 21% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Tuesday following the first warning of the American Agency. According to the New York Times, dealers are facing a shortage of replacement airbags. Toyota Corolla owners for example should wait at least three months – 90 days-, according to the newspaper, quoting an American lawyer of civil rights. To avoid long waiting times, the Japanese automaker plans to disable airbags on the side before passenger in humid regions, said one of its officials to the New York Times. Another American newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, said Wednesday that federal justice examines the possibility of opening an investigation against Takata. The investigation is at the preliminary stage and affect what Takata has done since the beginning of this case and their veracity. AFP was unable to obtain confirmation of this information. Furthermore, the Chairman of the Committee on trade and the energy of the House of representatives Fred Upton felt had to wear a particular examination operations of recall of defective airbags. The members of the Commission were requested to meet the NHTSA on the status of airbags Takata recalls and will also meet with manufacturers to discuss problems with spare parts suppliers, said this Republican parliamentary. . Original source can be read visiting the following

Joker Lukas Podolski shot arsenal in the Champions League to a last-minute success with RSC Anderlecht FC. The World Cup substitute in the 84th minute scored the winner to the 2:1 (90 + 1) on Wednesday. Only two minutes before Kieran Gibbs had compensated for the early lead of the Belgian master. Defending champion Real Madrid extended his perfect record, and celebrated their third victory in the third game.   Real goalkeeper of Iker Casillas, who play in the premier class with Barcelona’s Xavi as a record player drew even with his 143, experienced a relatively quiet evening. Sami Khedira was substituted in the 75th minute for Ronaldo. Now a goal missing the Portuguese with Champions-League – record scorer Raúl to catch up. Kroos was taken by coach Carlo Ancelotti of the box in the 81st minute. In the away game in Belgium FC saw arsenal long certain loser. Andy Najar (71) had put the hosts in the lead, but Gibbs and the substitute Podolski turned the match in favour of the city of London. With six meters, the eleven by manager Arsène Wenger in Group D on place is two behind Borussia Dortmund (9) and ahead of Anderlecht and Galatasaray (1 each). . You must visit the following to discover more regarding this great subject.

Jean-Claude Juncker has at least already held a promise. Despite numerous turbulence crossed since a few weeks and objections raised in MEPs by some members of his Executive its European Commission will indeed start November 1, as Luxembourg was committed. Juncker team received Wednesday, on the part of the European Parliament, a green light which, if not solid, is not less net: 423 members of the Chamber in Strasbourg gave their suffrage – he need 376 – while 209 voted against and 67 abstained. With 60% approval, the Luxembourgers managed less well than its predecessor José Manuel Barroso (66% in 2004 and 70% in 2009). Especially it does not fill within its ‘grand coalition’ (curators of the EPP, S & D Democrats and liberal Alde): 60 votes has failed. On the other hand, a dozen British Tories were, surprisingly, lent their support, as if David Cameron decided to make peace with its nemesis hard-nosed. Nevertheless, the Luxembourgers must ensure to dress up his social democratic allies, where some 40 parliamentarians have defaulted. "When will be more complicated as the European investment programme or budget votes, we must watch if the Social Democrats are capable of assuming a group discipline, paramount for Juncker", believes Charles de Marcilly, responsible for the Brussels Office of the Robert Schumann Foundation. Among the Socialists who voted against, are unsurprisingly four french nationals, countries where the rebellious Word is fashionable. "Juncker’s speech, I could co-sign it, but I am wary of some members of his team," said Edouard Martin (PS), one of the slingers. The Luxembourg yet did everything to encourage membership. Humorous deadpan, lyrical impetus when he referred to ‘a Commission of the last chance’ and assumed position of a European Executive who will be "more political" and will ensure that Europe gets a ‘social AAA’: Jean-Claude Juncker clearly stood out in his speech of general policies of his predecessor, José – Manuel Barroso. . Additional data can be found reading

When in September, the month in which he also accomplished 29 years, came the eighth title in Mxgp (first was the Mx1). The legend of the discipline, Stefan Everts, began to tremble for his record. The 10 titles the Belgian record Gladden reached in 2006 and that seemed destined to last forever, are only two lengths away. Everts is the last bulwark is resisting the Belgian pilot’s assault of Patti, in the province of Messina. Everts takes much to his record, Cairoli speaks little, Everts comes from a country where motocross is very rooted, Cairoli from Sicily where motocross you you have to invent in the fields around the House. Everts grew up with a dad who has won 4 world titles, the father of Antonio Cairoli, Benedict, had a WaSP but was the fastest of all in and around Pacts. The passion for speed Tony takes it from Dad that makes huge sacrifices to reconcile trucker’s work with the desire to help his son to compete with the bikes. The sacrifices are served all right and if there is a priority in the fast life of Tony is family. The first MOM and Dad of Tony no more, in no time at all a disease and a tragic accident in May this year led them away from Tony, who lives on Facebook has expressed to all the greeting to Benedict. Tony’s family now consists of a trio of sisters and girlfriend Jill Cox, Dutch, a father and a sister complementary cross-riders and his soul. The ingredients to make a movie about a boy’s "campaign" become a legend of motocross there were and, in fact, "Tony Cairoli, The Movie" is coming out in cinemas UCI Cinemas. The October 27 in 25 multiplexes of the circuit will be screened the docu-film directed by Nick Janssen and Jean-Paul Maas. There will be a little bit of everything Tony Cairoli and emotions that he sent to the many fans who followed from the outset his 222, the number that has always distinguished. Speed will alter the mud and glory in this movie but has a particularity in addition, does not end with the word "end".   . For additional facts about this subject check resource.

The French become allergic to tax? While taxes have never been popular, step over here than elsewhere. Certainly France displays one of the highest levies in the world rates, and tax puncture has increased much for three years. But more that increases, it is the feeling of injustice and futility that has, it seems, undermined the consent to tax, however on the basis of representative democracy. Sense of injustice powered by the revelations about the escapes and cheating, until and including among those who decide to tax others. By measures increasing taxes for families with children, but not singles. Of pensioners, but not assets. Small businesses but not large. Feelings of worthlessness, because that deficit and public debt, such as the barrel of the Danaides, do not drop, then that is to reduce that justifying the levy increases. By their speech also, politicians have contributed to de-legitimize the tax: between the understanding of the "fiscal discontent" expressed by a Minister of the economy and opposition to "punitive ecology" hammered by a Minister of ecology, the long litany of broken promises of tax instills doubt in the mind of the citizen. And the next installment of the "tax revolt" may well arise about local taxation, when it will have to compensate the decline of transfers from the State to local budgets. Faced with increasingly complex and unreadable, taxation whose coherence appears more, only real tax reform would allow the ‘discount flat’, and the democratic debate, likely to restore a sense of fiscal justice and refounding consent to tax. . Inspirational source can be read clicking the following link.

The PS president of the National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, assured Wednesday not be aware of a list of 60 parliamentarians in conflict with the tax authorities, in welcoming a preventive role of the high authority for the transparency of public life. Questioned about this list that evokes Wednesday the Canard enchaîné, Gérard Larcher, his UMP Senate counterpart, scored its commitment to transparency. Questioned by AFP, Bercy refused to comment and the High Authority said not be aware. At the heart of these questions: an article in le Canard Enchaîné that 60 parliamentarians would be covered by the tax authorities, once the high authority, created in 2013 and that they must declare their heritage, had forwarded their case to taxes. According to the weekly cases ranging from classic litigation, issue with taxes, to Frank and massive cheating by the + administrative phobia + way Thomas Tavares, short-lived Secretary of State landed at the end of nine days for not stating his taxes for several years. It is ended political buddies and rogues, commented on France Info Mr. Bartolone. So far, it could be said: + there is people who try to pass the rules, and we never knew +, continued Mr. Bartolone. Believe me it’s going to play a preventive role, because now every elected official, every administrative Manager, each Member of cabinet will know that there is no possibility to pass the line continues. After the current regulations, they could be more than a handful at the end of the year, add the duck. Contacted by AFP, the High Authority said Wednesday not to be aware of such a list. A spokesperson for the Organization confirmed that exchanges were well held with parliamentarians about their declaration of assets, but that these checks were not linked to taxes paid or not by elected representatives, the latter under the tax itself. -Diversity of situations – the spokesman also recalled that, unlike the case of the newly appointed ministers, the high authority is not competent for a tax verification procedure for parliamentarians. I don’t know exactly what will be the figure, but see, in relation to these 60 alleged cases, it is already 94% of parliamentarians who have no problem, observed M. Bartolone (reference to the 577 deputies and 348 senators). MP saw in those procedures an antidote against the extreme right, adding however: Beware, do not confuse the bulk of elected officials and a number of cases that must be punished. Mr. Larcher merely declaring on France 2: there is currently a dialogue between the tax administration, the high authority, and each of these parliamentarians. I will meet the leaders of the high authority to make the point. I am attached to transparency, it is necessary that this transparency applies. Naturally, said Senator of Yvelines. Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the Government, said on BFM Wednesday not knowing anything about the subject, just as Jean-Marie Le Guen, Secretary of State for relations with Parliament. When asked during a meeting with the Association of parliamentary journalists, the number one of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis called to wait to know who is at the origin of this revelation, taxes,.? and, in the light of the satirical newspaper, the diversity of situations, more or less serious. As for stronger penalties for elected officials than for other citizens, he replied: Let’s wait and see what it returns. We have a calibration of the sanctions. Should not have measuring Cleaver and subjects with discernment to do not add in ambient populism, according to the Deputy of Paris. . For additional regarding this topic click