This is already a few days that the death of the protester Rémi Fraysse pays Chronicles.  This young man of 21 years come demonstrate against the construction of the Sivens dam in the Tarn Saturday last summer dead found on the night of Sunday after an initially peaceful action has degenerated into a confrontation of a hundred people with the security forces. During the intervention of the gendarmes of the flash-balls, tear gas and stun grenades were used, one of these could be the cause of the death of the young man. A non-lethal weapon originally, it would have remained stuck at the level of the neck of the protester which led to this tragic end.  Since the events and actions to support does not, stop despite appeals by the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve quiet, because gatherings yet once led to overflowing. Roger Marion considers meanwhile that the intervention of the police was justified, for this prefect honorary order forces have used the means which are necessary for the control of a violent demonstration, the death of the young man is a tragic accident:-compared to the case of Rémi Fraysse, what lessons should draw on this regrettable incident?  -What lessons? Lies in a violent demonstration, there were in the respect of the law a use of force which was commensurate with the attack on the gendarmes were subjected. It is in the public order management with the use of force that was necessary for the protection of persons and property.   The fundamental problem posed by it, it is that in this country there are large projects, such as the aerodrome at Notre Dame des Landes, as the dam project in the Department of Tarn. Opponents instead of using force and violence they must resort to all legal remedies to challenge a decision. It must be that the State and local authorities in this case can go to the end of their project, which are of vital importance and which are economically necessary. This country today needs economic development, industrialization and he needs that big lead.  - But there is law in the demonstration in France anyway.  -The events do not have to turn to violence and aggression of the forces of order. -Not at all, there are laws in us and the law was strictly respected.  -It should not then review means that the forces of order? And compared with the survey which is conducted, what is to take measures if found guilty?  -The first question that you have raised me on the means available to the police, it depends of the Ministry of the Interior. It is the responsibility of the judicial authorities. Expect the end of the investigation to see. There is not only an investigation, but there is also a mission inspection by the General Inspectorate of the gendarmerie. At administrative and judicial level we know what happened and the conclusions it will draw them at the end.  -How can one ensure that the demonstrations are not violent. To ensure the right to the event is observed, but there is no outbursts?  -I think that the prefect of the Department concerned and the police authorities, the difficulty for them was to protect the sites. The geographic and topographic situation is different from a demonstration in urban areas and from there I think he had put the necessary and sufficient forces. After this are the provocateurs and rioters who turned this event which would have the remain peaceful, they have turned him violent and it is this violence which necessitated the response and the means put in place by the forces of order.   Interview by Alexei Makarov, the voice of the Russia. You can check the following to discover extra on this interesting matter.

Anthony Daniels in the new criterion reads a new Brecht biography by Stephen Parker. You can’t say that the author this was sympathetic to him: where one in his pieces overlooks – about Galileo’s moral dilemmas (break, never modest, compared with Galileo, if not Shakespeare), self justification can be found. Brecht’s most famous moral maxims in his pieces – only food, then the morals and bank robbery is nothing compared to the creation of a bank – only serve to explain his own fraud and hypocrisies, to trivia. A propos Bagatellsünden in their own past. Quite Hans Magnus Enzensberger may not remove Michael Angele in Friday its lightness in his memories on the wild years: who makes no fundamental distinction between beliefs and pants – both can dress a good, but you should change it before they start to smell, which can loosely admit that he has tricked into an ‘assessment’. Other articles: the autumn depression sufferer writer Uli Hannemann formulated in Die Tageszeitung his deepest wish: Oh, I would be at least a depressive clown. For the taz, Christoph Haas reads the current continuations of the adventure comic classic Blake and Mortimer. In the daily mirror, Björn Bischoff about the Web comic disturbing in pulp and trash would be game survivor girl by Christopher Tauber and Ingo Raboga. Be discussed Ted Thompson’s country the habit (ZeitOnline), Esther Kinskys Riverside (taz), John Hawkes’ the glue rod (taz), Roland Jahns we adapted (Berliner Zeitung), Georg Stefan Trollers with my typewriter (FAZ), the 2012 exhibition at the grass Museum in Lübeck (NZZ) updated and and Heiner Müller’s lyrical discount writes wait for the counter slope, to the Annett Gröschner in the world: but you read in chronological order from the late 1940s until 1995that is clear to see how Ezra Pound sits in the head of the author of Stalinist and Maoist order ballads and sticking there until the end, while the ISMS are splitting and make the fundamental doubts about the State of the world space certainties. The first notes of the Viennale arrive. For cargo is on the spot, not only covering the current clashes between the film Museum, the newly opened cinema of the Vienna film archive and the embarrassed anyway never to a strong word Viennale Director Hans Hurch Nikolaus Perneczky (so wonderfully pointed debate really only the Austrians: here of Stephan Grissemanns searches to the film archive, here Hurchs infuriated replica along with commentary by Grissemann), but also – in addition to classics by John Ford in the film Museum – current films has seen. Particularly enthusiastic Hong Sang-Soos new film Hill of freedom it has (here also discussed on cinema-time. de): here the essentials about the loss of the actual console across. Critic. de Michael Kienzl has sent to Austria. He also uses the possibility, in the John Ford movies Film Museum and pleased with a tribute to the Festival on Harun Farocki. The expected monument of excess has become Gérard Depardieu autobiography, we learn of Jürg Altwegg in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the reading actually nothing was spared: treatises about farting fill several sections. Since blowing a fresh wind in the face of the establishment. Also, Josh Kruse of the taz Ingolf Gabold (among other borrowing) asked the Danish maker of the series after the secret of his success. Well survived Halloween? Fact chooses the 100 best horror movie soundtracks and film comment delivers the best weekend video with this video essay about witches in the film: Marco freely attended a Festival to the eightieth birthday of Christian Wolff, the last living representative of the New York School of composers for the NZZ in Munich. At the premiere of encouragement for percussion and strings learn freely, that abstraction is not the only essential element in Wolff’s music: where was the focus on the Orchestra, it was fascinating to hear how Wolff questions the collective by he breaks it down into its individual parts – by thinning up to the part. In times of societal uniforms, this individualization represents an act of resistance. However, this freedom also must remain a utopia, because already the Convention of acclaim repeals any individualization at the end; This friction was but the more political. In addition, the musicians created a sound sensuality that took their bulkiness of abstraction. Here a lecture by Wolff on experimental music: obviously little joy Jens Balzer has at the start of the Jazz Fest Berlin, with some mostly uninteresting concerts (,.) has begun. At the Berlin Festspiele’s address by Thomas Oberender, he writes: would you have been, insofar as to the continued existence of this your Festival you, not well advised as Artistic Director, a sign to again, that one can think of jazz not only in the Pluperfect? Also Thomas Mauch of the taz is the start of the Festival for a little good and clumsy. Scheduled times can also be undercut, pleased resonating Jan Brachmann (FAZ) on the timely completion of the new Hamburg Konzertlokalität. Also at the opening through which went out of the young German Philharmonic resonance resulting ensemble highly produced, namely ecstatic uninhibited it up to the Rauhbauzigkeit. The legend to DJ at the end belongs to the new rituals like the small of programme. So, to respond to the change of listening on the allotment of our historical sense and our secular life spheres between thinking and dozing. Gary Suarez takes on the Quietus by current hip-hop publications. Discussed are the new album no one lost of stars (ZeitOnline) and the CD box is Calypso craze (taz). Also pretty great: The acting almost like an anti-clip art, new music video by mouse on Mars (here a recent interview on debug), directed by Klaus Lemke, as here you can find out the rest. Arwed Mahaman exhibition reenactment MfS in the Berlin House of the Kleist Park is particularly important in the year to the fall of the wall, says Ingo Arend in the taz. The exhibition shows namely for propaganda purposes staged photographs of the Stasi: it is an impressive testimony of the perfidious self-promotion of terror. But documentary, they may seem so real – in a year of memory flooded us with a cascade of historical material, they keep at the same time the disturbing message, never to trust the seemingly authentic image. Elaine Sturtevant became famous for their faithful replicas of famous pop art works. Now her drawings at the Frankfurt Museum of modern art are exhibited, and still have questions about essence and characteristics of art for FR reviewer Sandra Danicke: why to everything in the world, we keep a picture for art, what exactly are the components that make it do this? What we call authentic, what is considered innovative? Other articles: in the NZZ, Claudia Schoch suspected that the Bern Museum of art’s Board of Trustees will decide on November 26 for the adoption of the Gurlitt collection. Also in the NZZ thinks Benno Schubiger in a detailed article about it after, as period rooms can be include in the concept of a museum. Discussed are the will McBride exhibition at C/O Berlin (in German), the exhibition with contact sheets of the Magnum photographers, also in the C/O Berlin (FAZ), and Wim Wenders’ documentary the salt of the Earth about the photographer Sebastião Salgado (FAZ). Sixty years ago today began with attacks of the FLN (La Toussaint rouge) the Algeria war. Benjamin Stora, one of the most important historians of this conflict, noted in huffpo. FR after a long time a kind of overkill of the commemoration of the war of the displacement. But each group – the Algerians in Algeria, the Harkis (Algerians, who were on the French side and went to France), the Pieds noirs (so Algeria French, who also went to France) – remembers differently: it remains only to continue the work of historiography, to give more space to historians of every page without yielding to the Tyrannismus of specific versions of individual groups. Precisely you must render every single position in this long history. The German French author Scholastique Mukasonga (the Holy Virgin of the Nile) speaks in taz-interview with Carla Baum about the genocide in their country, the many in her family to the victims of the many. One major factor is the history for them: colonial history has played an important role, because the Belgians have created at all only the division between Hutu and Tutsi. In 1930, stood in each pass ‘ Hutu’ or ‘Tutsi’. Admissions for organizing the killings have played a major role during the genocide. As a writer, I’m interested in the causes of the genocide. Therefore, the colonial in my novel plays an important role. It was over in the 1970s, but has been replaced almost seamlessly through the development cooperation. Also: In the world Robert Schopflocher prior to Henriette Herz bows, which this year 250. Birthday has and led a tolerant and diverse salon in Berlin. And in the guardian Timothy Garton celebrates the opening of the Jewish Museum in Warsaw ash. Memory of Theo van Gogh? Absent, notes Dirk Schümer in the world. Ten years after the murder of Dutch Director by a Muslim fanatic the Duckmäusertum has prevailed: with the murder, the era of taboo-free debate in the reader and chatting people of the Netherlands was abruptly over. ‘ Mercy! We can talk it about it!’, were van Gogh’s last words to his killer, and they describe razor-sharp the abyss that opens up. Since the wars of religion the enlightenment fought over three hundred years, to carry out conflicts on the discursive level: words instead of murders. With Theo van Gogh’s assassination there topics that you better not talk about in the midst of the secular societies in Europe. At least not without danger to life and limb. In the years since the murder – alone the murder videos from the war zones in Syria and in Iraq – prove that lost decade. Also: In the world, Tilman Krause commented the coming out of the Apple boss Tim Cook. The case of Gurlitt became public a year ago. Thomas Gerlach visited for taz the JRC is degenerate art at the FU Berlin, which list a – non-public – owned with 20 000 works of degenerate art, which was taken by the Nazis. Two researchers working off her. This is the discrepancy between assets and order: A Research Centre, which must – learn the fate of more than 20 000 works of art in a painstaking search for clues based on old photos, historical documents, and archives. With facilities like at a County Museum: Two positions for two historians. In the literary world Marc Reichwein converses with the writer Dacia Maraini, who came to the great Pasolini exhibition to Berlin, Pasolini, which the vulgar culture of Berlusconi have foreseen, feminism and the new Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi: the great electoral success for Matteo Renzi shows how a country sets everything in motion, to escape the stagnation. No one, not even the left, had the courage to reform our country in recent years. Renzis advantage is that a pure policy of vested interests due to his youth little may be him. The disadvantage, which shows up-to-date: Who sets too many levers at once in motion, brings at the end of all enemies together on the plan. I don’t know whether he can make it. Now he raises throughout Italy against him. The release of twelve Brigitte to file urinen aroused the whole media scene. But even more, that Michael Jürgs, formerly editor in Chief of the star, wrote in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung about (now online). And actually what he always writes: Publisher Manager are flannel males and drink champagne from the brain shell of its chief editors. Stefan Niggemeier has checked how often Abby has already written this article since 2002. Stefan winter farmer sneers in Meedia. Thomas Knüwer analyzes in his blog. Paul Ingendaay reported for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about the copyright in Spain now projected for press publishers: how the new law is handled. . far from clear. Among younger Web surfers greater control and accessibility of the State outrage. Marie-Astrid Langer finds the Spanish Google tax in the NZZ fatal: that Google or Yahoo will pay publishers per text snippets, is illusory. Search engine providers are instructed not to, no medium today is more about a monopoly on information. Instead, the search engines are increasingly direct – article by foreign media and further expand their own news portals. Another: for the taz Anne visited Fromm the Lausitzer Rundschau, which is repeatedly attacked by neo-Nazis. . Similar information can be read reading blog.

#SpaceShipTwo has experienced an in-flight anomaly. Additional info and statement forthcoming. -Virgin Galactic (@virgingalactic) 31 October 2014 Saw one of crash sites. Body still in seat. -Parabolicarc. com (@spacecom) 31 October 2014 Back in Mojave now. Ss2 had trouble with engine burn, blew up, came down in parts near Koehn Lake. -Parabolicarc. com (@spacecom) 31 October 2014 the SpaceShipTwo of Virgin Galactic spaceship crashed Friday in the California Mojave desert making one death and one serious injury among the crew according to the Associated Press (AP). The shuttle suffered a ‘anomaly in flight’, has confirmed Friday on Twitter the firm, founded by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson "SpaceShipTwo suffered an anomaly in flight. More information will follow,"said the company.  Several people reported on Twitter, although this is not for the moment, confirmed that one of the two members of the crew would be killed in the accident. Specialized blogger ParabolicArc. com who was present during the test said on his Twitter account that "the shuttle engine is was aglow" and that the "pieces of the aircraft were found on the ground. It also added that a body still strapped to his seat had been found among the debris. This passenger vessel, whose ambition is to fly tourists to the frontier of space, departed from the desert of Mojave approximately an hour ago about 17 h 30 GMT.  SpaceShipTwo has two pilots and six passengers.  This is the commercial version of SpaceShipOne, the first private spacecraft, which reached the border of the area in 2004. Hundreds of people have already taken bookings for a few minutes in weightlessness aboard SpaceShipTwo suborbital flight, paying an advance on the 200. $ cost of the ticket. Tuesday, it was rocket Antares carrying the unmanned capsule Cygnus to resupply the International Space Station (ISS), which exploded shortly after its launch Tuesday night, Wallops Space Center, on the coast of Virginia (United States). . Original data can be found visiting this

Siena Court sentenced him to three years and six months Giuseppe Mussari, Gianluca Baldassarri and Antonio Vigni, who have also been banned from holding public office for 5 years. The three former executives of Mps were accused of impeding the functions of the supervisory authority, the Bank of Italy concerning the concealment of the contract entered into by Mps (the "mandate agreement") with the Japanese Nomura finance company for the renovation of the derivative "Alexandria". To Monte dei Paschi di Siena however it is complex days also for other reasons: the title has lost 10% at Piazza Affari, while Intesa San Paolo verici refused to give their help: "I rule out absolutely, we would say no," said Luca Remmert, President of the Compagnia di San Paolo and first bank’s shareholder, which reiterated the concept after rumors leaked in the media. "We are not interested in acquiring other banks in domestic," said Giovanni Bazoli, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute. . You can read the following to read more on this amazing subject.

In a statement to the Colombian ‘The Sun’ newspaper, Thebes said that if the vote is free, Christian does not win, words that wanted to clarify this Friday during the Reuters sports breakfast, sponsored by lottery as and betting del Estado (LAE), demos and Repsol. What has come out in the media is a part. What I said clearly is that, if the vote was not secret, possibly Christian not would have won the award. I am making a plea to the defense of the secret votes. Players don’t want to be in the mouth for what they have voted. If a player of Barcelona votes to one of the Madrid be pol mica object, exposed Teba, who at adi, who is spoke m s Gala that Cl classic. In this regard, the President of the LFP dej clear not think reveal the votes of the 42 capitantes of the BBVA League and later because it is a commitment made with the players. If this system has created problems will change it, no problem. But there are many aspects that concern me than this, zanj m in the soccer espa ol f. . Extended information can be read clicking fact.

53 years, Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, pointed her out coming through a tribune published on the website of the economic magazine Business Week.  He explains that he is ‘proud to be gay’ and considers that it is one of the most beautiful things "God has given to him. Part of the gay community and the employees of the company knew it. Two years ago, the name of Cook appeared even explicitly in the Power List of the magazine Out. With his announcement, as in many of the coming out, there is therefore no input of new information but a change in the status of the information. Recently, there were sportsmen, singers, there are some public figures in all areas that come out of the closet. It is more rare in very large enterprises, including those traded, where the impact of his statement. If it does, is that it has consciousness that is more dangerous, at least in the United States. Recipients and his message are at several levels. For the general public, for Apple employees, but to the new information and communication technologies sector. They are often quite white and very male occupations. It’s a relatively sexist environment, even if it does not reach the levels of the Bank and finance. It is interesting also to see the discrepancy between the image of Silicon Valley opening and life internal these companies still focused on a male culture in the world of computing. Of course, this helps for a certain audience to the positive image of Apple, the idea that the company is in the direction of the story. If you look at his statement, he plays on many tables: personal, political, but he also praised his business, which he presented as innovative. A portion of his text fits into the managerial theories that consider that promoting internal diversity allows to be more productive and creative. Has been said, there is still much work to move from principles to actions. In addition, these theories are often based on photographs that the gays and the lesbians would be inherently more innovative and would be one of the main components of a supposed "creative class". The content and the form of its text perhaps owe much to the communicating Apple, but his gesture is of course political. It does not just personal trajectory, but the role of its coming out for the current LGBT fighting, as one for the prohibition of discrimination at work for example. It refers an explicit, although only a little overblown, Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, supported at the time by major foundations, even if the leaders of large companies played no major role. Cook said that his minority sexual orientation made him sensitive to the fate of other minority groups. It is easy to point the contradictions of this position. It is sufficient to refer to the role of Apple in the gentrification of San Francisco who ruled the city both gays and poor lesbian or belonging to ethnic minorities. But this does not remove the historic significance of his text and the sincere commitment that it necessitated. The former CEO of BP, John Browne, was forced to the out coming a few years ago, leading to his resignation. It is is since reclaiming his coming out and published a book on what he calls the "glass closet", by analogy with the "glass ceiling" which blocks the career of women. For homosexuals, the condition of access to the most senior posts in many large companies is to stay in the closet. Despite the poisonous atmosphere that the media and the Government have recently installed giving legitimacy to the neoconservative movement as the demonstration for all, it is pretty much the same situation in the two countries. Tim Cook has not only made his coming out, it has also reiterated its position in favour of opening marriage to same-sex couples, in a country where this issue is a problem, while access to the adoption and new reproductive technologies is a relatively settled case. Cannot therefore be compared point by point. But it is possible that his gesture of vocations in France, why not in the information technology sector? I no longer believe that there are big differences in this regard. For example, the discourse on the fact that there should not be coming out, that it has no reason to be proud, exist in both countries. In France, the heterosexual public figures more often mobilize their privacy and their family as part of their public image. You may deem it positive or negative. But in this context, if the relationships and same-sex families remain mostly in the shadows, it is firstly an effect of the heterosexual standard, which returns the alternative forms of invisibility and illegitimacy. . Related information can be read reading

Sabrina Hout defended itself against discrimination, justifying his removal by "significant personal problems. She had nevertheless assured the other four weddings of the day and knew for 10 days that she would have to proceed with the union of two women. "I’m homophobic. I am practicing islam and in no case, I did this against my religion. Taking my function, I knew that I was going to marry homosexuals and this posed no problem. "This issue"nauseates"both married, older than 50 years, for which"a simple reminder to act, it does not pass. "An elected official who doesn’t have his free will, it shocks me", said one of them, regretting that M Hout has pas ‘done this properly. "She would come tell us, it would have found a solution, delayed the marriage of an hour to find another elected. ” It takes more that it happens. "For their lawyer, M Catherine Martini," what is disturbing, is that beyond their own prejudice, that society cannot be scanned as well. . Similar facts can be found visiting

That was evident at the World Championships. In the preliminary round, the Chileans the Spanish überrollten with its full throttle pressing. The Spaniard had no time to make decisions. Xabi Alonso does not like at all. Before the 0:1 he was buried by two Chileans so much under pressure that he lost the ball. He missed two scoring chances and was substituted at half-time. Spain was eliminated, Alonso stepped down from the national team. That was five months ago. Alonso is strong, if his team controlled the game if the opponent leaves him space and time for a clever playmaking. As well as against Cologne, Bremen, Rome, or in the first half against Gladbach. Then Alonso can move safely in his room. The God of small things is also the God of simple things. And one thing above all: easy.   But tempo football is not Alonso. Against teams like Leverkusen trainer Roger Schmidt, who chase the opponent over the entire square and narrow the space around individual players like a pack, the Spaniard will find it hard. If we do not control the game, when Alonso constantly forward and back, is he dead in a month, even his coach PEP Guardiola said in September. That proved approaches in the second half against Gladbach, when the game was suddenly open and wild, and Alonso of significantly less ball contacts had in the first half. . You should visit the following web site to learn extra on this amazing topic.

What do not know Han: he is one of the very first of the total 33. 755 prisoners who will buy free Bonn from 1963 to 1989. The journalist Norbert F. Pötzl writes it in his new book about the East German lawyer and negotiator of the SED regime, Wolfgang Vogel. Hildebrandt was among the first eight, who were ransomed by bird, says PA, who long knew bird, and after his death in 2008 received access to his private archive.   On October 22, 1963, Hildebrandt is passed his lawyer, which drives him to the Friedrichstrasse station. Bird him his West Berlin colleague Jürgen Stange entrusts, come Hildebrandt on the journey to freedom. But before you go, Rod asked him, to wait for him on the track. Hildebrandt is Office of the SPD to the load for the Stasi in retrospect says a kind agent headquarters, as he his contact to the East Berlin. From there, the young man concerned books and newspapers, that he’s not coming to the East. I wanted to read what I like, and nothing telling me he says. Deliberately in opposition against the State he I don’t want to go but so, says the playfully.     . For more regarding this subject click

The concept of "Big Data" has evolved over time. One of his first appearances probably goes back to October 1997, in an article by Michael Cox and David Ellsworth, "Application-controlled demand paging for out-of-core visualization. But Big Data is far from being a novelty. Scientific research produces and releases huge volumes of data for more than 300 years. The great astrophysicist Carl Sagan discusses many examples in his latest book, Billions and Billions ("billion and billion"), published a good 15 years ago. The volume of these ‘megadonnees’ however knows a dizzying expansion since the emergence of the Internet and the world online, opening the floodgates to a real tsunami of information that continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. In its latest survey on the digital universe (Digital Universe), IDC, technology analyst, forecasts that the volume of the digital universe will double every year and tenfold by 2020, from 4400 billion gigabytes to 44 trillion. If we take the assumption that each byte of data represents 2.5 cm, this would represent the equivalent of one million round trips between the Earth and Pluto. The first is respect for privacy and the "right to oblivion", as illustrated by the debate sparked by the recent decision of the Court of justice of the European Union. What balance between right to information and privacy? The controversies are not lacking in scientific research, and they are even part of the discovery process. What if a researcher wanted to remove any reference to controversial articles that he could write in the past? Should enable it? What policies should be developed to reconcile the extended data collection and reputation of each? Is it even possible to reconcile? The second is the analysis and the management of research data so as to exploit the full potential. A tribune published recently in Big Data Research argues that the true value of the megadonnees lies in the coming knowledge of analysis. By nature the scientific megadonnees auto-perpétuent. Researchers generate masses of data in the wake of their research, and these data are then used and cited in other research. Vendors of digital information like Elsevier (my employer) have their bases a multitude of scientific, technical and high quality medical research data, collected, stored, disseminated and published for more than a century. When there is such a mass of scientific data, and it still grows at the time of writing, it is also difficult to find information than looking for a needle in,. a bunch of needles! Lack of sophisticated analyses, a gigantic pile of data, with no framework to give them direction or provide a context, is nothing more than a bunch of data that is not used to much. Research information sources expand they also and now include social networks, images, audio files and data of crowdsourcing. There are huge files (seismic graph can weigh 5 terabytes per file) and a huge cloud of small files (messages, posts in social networks, etc.), which represent as much valuable data when they are studied with information from other relevant and appropriate sources. New tools collection, search, discovery and analysis can shed light to growing stocks of unstructured, data representing 90% of the digital universe. It is therefore essential that scholarly publishers help researchers to quickly find relevant data through intelligent collection tools, reading recommendations, to data bases sorting and research applications. For more than twenty years, knowledge of the data is part of technologies of information and communication which are the heart of economic intelligence and data repositories. Its scope is usually designed as retrospective, limited to structured data that it uses to analyse what has happened. In addition, Big Data can be forward through advanced analysis methods and predictive tools. Big Data can predict possible outcomes by studying structured data and a mass in constant expansion of unstructured data from different sources; and then sharing these findings on collaboration platforms to allow relevant correlations. It can thus reveal links such as: "it happened because,," "(= diagnostic analysis); "What will happen if,.? ” (= predictive analysis); "This can happen / can be avoided if is,.". "(= prescriptive analysis). As an illustration in the medical field, a study by the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that if the sector of health in the United States knew operate and treat the vastness of electronic information available (data from clinical trials and experiments, among others), more efficient management of these information would improve the efficiency of the American health care system and save more than 300 billion dollars per year. Managed strategically, Big Data indeed makes it possible to collect some previously unknown information, but useful to give new ideas that can lead to new discoveries and thus feed the cycle of University research. Recent systems management and treatment of the megadonnees, such as HPCC (high-performance computer cluster) or Apache Hadoop, can correlate and analyze large volumes of data of different types. Developed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, HPCC to solve complex operations data and analysis by combining proven methodologies for processing data with patented binding algorithms that convert data into usable information to improve the quality of search results. Apache Hadoop is a framework that allows to distribute the processing of large volumes of data between clusters of computers using simple programming models. The collection of megadonnees by these methods allows providers of information and digital solutions to facilitate data exchange and thereby create opportunities of incidental findings in desegregating disciplines. In short, information about information are worth gold. . For extra on this matter check home page.