A flood of «Ice bucket Challenges» déboule in France. After Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates fashion now WINS French celebrities. Nikos Aliagas, Morandini facilitators or even Teddy Riner and Rio Mavuba sportsmen are already filmed trying to pour a bucket of water ice on the body.   And the "Ice Bucket" progression is exponential as those who accept the "challenge of the bucket of ice water" appoint three others to imitate them.  Nearly 2.4 million videos of celebrities or anonymous already were posted around the world, according to the social network Facebook. A good point for the image of the stars, since the operation aims to collect donations to the ALS Foundation, Charcot disease-fighting. Among the nominees expected that they fall under the challenge, singer Shy’m, host Karine Ferri, basketball player Tony Parker, moderator Carole Rousseau, or even show ‘Hands off my post!’ chroniclers, Cyril Hanouna and Mona vaccinators. Nikos Aliagas circulated video of her cold shower on behalf Instagram: host Jean-Marc Morandini, nominated by his colleague of M6 Alex Goude: host of «Tahiti Quest","Secret Story"and «La ferme Célébrités» Benjamin Castaldi was loaned to the game account Instagram.   Athletes will put also. After the PSG players, these are judoka Teddy Riner and footballer Rio Mavuba, who posted their video of ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.   . Inspirational data can be read clicking this homepage.

Martha’s Vineyard – President Barack Obama has condemned the beheading of an American journalist by Islamist terrorists in unusually sharp words. James Foley’s death shocked the consciousness of the entire world, said Obama Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Wednesday at his resort. It had been a cowardly act. The White House had previously confirmed the authenticity of the video which shows Foley’s execution. The Islamists have no appreciation for human life, said Obama. There is no place for the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) in the 21st century. They kidnap women and children and exposing them to torture and rape. The group stand for no real religion and threatens Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Their victims are mostly Muslims, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocent people, he added. No just God would stand behind what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. According to UK Government, it is increasingly likely that the offender is British. We have not identified the responsible individual, but after what we’ve seen, it looks increasingly that it is a British citizen, Prime Minister David Cameron said in London on Wednesday. In the video, the masked offender with a London accent speaks. Cameron spoke of a barbaric and brutal crime and a murder without any justification. Cameron said Britain must do more to prevent Britons travel to Syria or the Iraq to join extremists. He don’t want to change the strategy against terrorism in both countries IS for the time being. The British Government is currently reviewing arms sales to Kurdish fighters in the Iraq. Now not knee-jerk British troops would be sent, the Prime Minister said. He had broken off his holiday in Cornwall on Wednesday. . Extended information can be found reading http://base.justkain.com.

Cgil to attack against the hypothesis of intervention on pensions and salaries for civil servants. From there it is a hope August bubbola. A new two-year wage freeze in #PA would be unacceptable, writes on Twitter the Cgil, rejecting the idea of a new extension for a further two years of payroll of State block time to leave in peace, pensioners who have lost 30% purchase batter, over the past 15 years, thanks to the various Governments, adds the Spi Cgil Secretary General, Carla Canton. I don’t agree to intervene on salary, stresses. Otherwise, he adds, we mobilise, patience over. The Board therefore becomes more and more hot, in the wake of controversy and speculation of intervention triggered by the words of the Minister of labour, Giuliano Poletti, not interrupted, indeed. And trade unions come to attack. Altol also by representatives of the majority and the opposition. But the premier, Matteo Renzi, cut short and ironic: the August newspapers are filled with secret government projects. So secrets that not even the Government knows them. The priority then it is up to justice, argued the Prime Minister via Twitter from Forte dei Marmi, where on a family vacation. And on the front line there are also unpins Italy and the school, in the middle of the next Council of Ministers, set for August 29. But certainly a security yard open and probably will stay until autumn with the new law of Stability. Everything starts from the interview of Parmar: the owner of Welfare explained to be conducive to act high allowances, with a contribution of solidarity or through contributory recalculation, on condition that the necessary resources were poured into the recovered the social security system, to the benefit of most sufferers. The unions for more contrarissimi. But even in majority guest no join Italy and Pd Force. we are assured only if up to 5 000 euros per month NET, adding pensions and annuities received, do not expect any withdrawal. Without prejudice to that, above that threshold, a contribution of solidarity already exist, says Cesare Damiano, Chairman of the Committee Work of the room. Put in alarm fifteen million retirees who have only the fault of being retired with pay-calculation underlines Damiano-simply a folly. From Golden pensions are already passed to silver ones and you know that, in order to raise cash, you might get the bronze. I think it was just an accident of Midsummer. So the Chairman of the Committee on the work of the Senate, Maurizio Sacconi (Ncd), concerning the possibility of intervention on pensions. In relation to sampling Bags solidarity already there and questionable. Gi hands from retirements. For us crazy only talk about it mostly because it causes uncertainty. Enough hypocrisy, unacceptable. Cos the President of deputies to Italy Force Renato Brunetta that reiterates how Italy will have already this year make a corrective manoeuvre between 25 and 30 billion for 2014, and another similar for 2015. Pension reform the only that we did. Continue talking about it helps divert attention from other reforms that the Government involved. He persuaded the Vice Minister of economy Enrico Morando who returns to reject the hypothesis of a new pension law. Autumn-he explains-we have to achieve four important structural reforms and a huge review of spending. These are the reforms that concern the labour market, justice, the Pa and the IRS through the implementation of the delegation. Therefore, in my opinion, not helpful to get back on the subject of pensions. This is the only sector which in recent years has seen a significant structural reform. Without going into the merits of the issues I feel wrong at this stage to make any. Talk about pensions-Morando-ends diverts reform objectives on which the Government and the country are engaged. . For extra information about this topic visit http://base.justkain.com.

Dr. Marc Beise directs the Business Department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The native Mainzer (born 1959) is raised in Hesse and has been socialized with Kickers Offenbach; Today, he is a permanent guest in the Bavaria-arena. As a student of journalism was his career goal, that he never has lost sight and even 30 years after the first writing attempts do not repent. A change in the economy never came for him in question. Already during his studies (1977-1984 law and Economics in Frankfurt am Main, Lausanne and Tübingen) Beise was volunteer of the Offenbach-post. After the first State law examination he worked 1985 to 1989 as an editor, most recently as head of Department of politics, economy, and news. 1989 to 1995 he was a staff and coordinator of the interdisciplinary research unit European and international economy at the University of Tübingen research. During this time, the thesis was created the World Trade Organization (WTO). Function, status, organization, Nomos of 2001 1995 returned Beise to journalism as editor of the Handelsblatt in Düsseldorf, economic policy left in 1999 as head of Department in Munich. At the Sueddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, cheerful long belongs to the inventory. He began business there as Deputy head, since 2007 he directs the Business Department. His main focus is on economic policy. Beise refers to himself as neo-Liberals and right politicians into the words original meaning: he is so for a functioning State framework, within which the economy but free to unfold. Had you considered that sufficient, it would never have to the financial crisis. The reverse is true as well: the State is important, but he can do everything. In his weekly video blog summa Summarum on southern Germany. de he gives insights into his thinking and his work room, overloaded desk included. In the holiday Beise writes books, most recently: have lots of money, Econ 2010, plundering of the middle class, DVA 2009, Germany – incorrectly ruled?, Hanser 2006. You must check this http://base.justkain.com to read extra about this great matter.

The Ukraine is still embroiled in heavy fighting Wednesday between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists. Kiev is always looking to cut the Russian border areas under rebel control so that the separatists are supplied with arms and men from Moscow. . The human toll is heavy in the pro-Russian stronghold besieged by the Ukrainian army. The last 24 hours, 34 civilians were killed and 29 others wounded according to the Ukrainian army, which also announced the death of 9 of his soldiers. A Donetsk even shelling again were heard on the outskirts of the City Wednesday morning.   The bombing also continued in Makiivka, a town adjacent to Donetsk.  "The firing began at 5:30 this morning. I put my shoes and I headed to the door when I was thrown by the blast,"witness Maria, 81 years old.  Fighting continues for control of the town of Ilovaisk. According to a press release of the National Guard.  the Ukrainian army has taken over most of this city of 16,000 people to the insurgents and located 29 kilometres east of Donetsk, in Donetsk even running water is about to be restored after two days of shortages following damage to a power line supplying the main plant of sanitation.  Maintenance crews "are managed that today ‘ hui to identify damage and restore the line ‘, whose access was hitherto impossible due to the fighting, said the municipality. Despite announcements from the City Hall, residents move still with large cans of water in the almost deserted streets of the city.  For the seventh consecutive day, Moscow humanitarian convoy intended for the populations of the victims of the fighting is stuck on the Russian side of the border.  The Ukrainian authorities have still not started inspection of trucks under the auspices of the Red Cross, citing the lack of security guarantees for its delivery on the territory controlled by the rebels in Ukraine. .  A Ukrainian flag was raised Wednesday morning at the top of an iconic skyscraper in the Stalinist era in Moscow, a few steps from the Kremlin.  The flag was hooked early in the morning above the giant Golden Star which overlooks the skyscraper, and it was flown for three hours before the intervention of the authorities.  According to a police source, several people equipped with climbing gear were arrested in Moscow, all originating from the Russian capital and its surroundings. The Ukrainian flag was flown at the top of a skyscraper near the Kremlin (AFP). Additional data can be read clicking page.

Convergence does not intend to resign himself if the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) disputed the sovereigntist consultation scheduled for November 9. Josep Rull, number two of the party of Artur Mas, insisted this morning that their training aims to conform to the law but that if the constitutional void the referendum should react. "The inquiry is based on the legality of the Parliament and the democratic legitimacy. We must win the battle at the polls. If they dispute it ourselves, we will not sit idly", said. It has not specified which message you want to send with that expression but two possible scenarios are or pull forward consultation and convene early regional elections. Rull has passed on tiptoe on the defense strategy of the family of Jordi Pujol, who has filed a complaint in Andorra against the revelation of the banking secrecy that has allowed it to launching the fraud. "We know nothing of this strategy or will participate. We want what explanations in Parlament. We are in an internal process or Refoundation"noted without going into the possibility that Jordi Pujol asks the opt-out of the party. Mercè Conesa, convergence spokesman, admitted that they would accept it is as asked to any militant when in an interview for that possibility. "It is a hypothesis, [but] not worth talking about things that have not yet occurred", said Rull, who has admitted that they continue to maintain communication with Jordi Pujol. . You must click this http://base.justkain.com to learn more on this interesting matter.

Who grows up without social conscience and moral instances can all be – marriage fraud, gangster, or worse: lawyer. Or even worse times: everything together. This is the cruel punch line in Karine Tuils just 500-seitigem novel the greedy on a riser from the Paris banlieue, which was celebrated last literary season in France as a small sensation and now appears on German. The Tunisian-born Samir, the main character, grows in different zones of misery of the immigration country of France. In the narrow attic of a rich politician around who is the lover of his mother at the same time. But also in the social housing estate on the outskirts of Paris, where he later lives in a run-down apartment with his half-brother, who has emerged from the attic affair, while the mother in the narrow kitchen hated Maghrebi chicken dishes cooks. What must be for a satisfaction that the angry, uprooted, but also extremely portable this young man the society has always excluded him, able to hit through a kind of assimilation. Or that he can indulge at least the illusion, he beats her. Is the system evil? I’m bad! Samir is still in France to the highly traded young lawyer, and more: the son of Muslim parents impersonates a Jewish ticket, will move to New York and marries a there in one of the wealthiest Jewish families of the country. Greed, lust and hunger for revenge are his fuel. But where there are winners, there are also losers. In the case of Samir are his old alumni Nina and Samuel; in her early twenties, she formed an intimate trio, then later even the envy, which broke Unit came up the love. Samir stole parts from the biography of his Jewish friend Samuel and lies and the other two but high society, cheating in the New Yorker to leave with their unfulfilled ambitions: he as a would-be writer, she as a slightly disheveled version of a woman of the world. The self-invention as a declaration of war against the world – also the novel of a different writer, which was celebrated last season in France and published in the summer on German delimits conceivable radically the protagonist himself by their origin: Ladivine Marie NDiaye told of a young woman who denied her mother colored and designed to the existence of a licence. Over 400 pages a complex shows together from self-deception and heteronomy. Filigree in the description vigorously in the psychological evidence. In France the issue of migration long ago outgrown the well-meaning problem literature and become the material for the great psychological novel. . Root data may be read reading the following http://base.justkain.com.

The gyro runs pretty long into the night on Tuesday. Put your hands up! Don’t shoot! call the protesters their message into the night. The road, down the road. About 500 demonstrators self-declared peace keeper, such as clergy from nearby churches, which often prevent the confrontation with the police are probably at the peak, at her side. Yet on Monday afternoon, the mood in a dangerous direction threatens to tilt. Only ten minutes away by Ferguson, shoot a 23-year old African American police officers still within the city limits of St. Louis. The man had previously stolen food in a supermarket and then apparently threatened the policeman with a knife. He has paid with his life. Quickly gather protesters, shout their anger, label posters with the same messages as over at Ferguson. The anxious question: What will it be in the approaching night? Later Anthony Cage, the chanting man from the West FLORISSANT is the answer a few hours: about halfway into the handle, because unlike in Ferguson put the St. Louis Police Department equal to all the facts on the table, not even 24 hours it took. In fact, the local police chief had given a first press conference at the scene shortly after the fatal shooting. The killed was armed – unlike on Michael Brown. There was from the outset several witnesses. However, is amazing, what impact can have a changed police tactics. The balance of the night so is reasonably positive – this Wednesday, but already the next challenges are: A Grand Jury begins with the taking of evidence in the case of Michael Brown and Attorney General Eric holder comes to Ferguson. There are two moments, of which the inhabitants of promise much. . Similar information can be inspected checking hyperlink.

If should still not have its peculiarities, it is a French cultural exception which we can be ashamed: so far, none of our compatriots has joined the philanthropic initiative The Giving Pledge. This club, launched in 2009 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet brings together the ultra rich who have understood that one could not remain indifferent to the growing social inequalities and pledged to give more than half of their fortunes, in their lifetime, works of general interest. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this is not a retirement home, as evidenced by the rallying of MILF Mark Zuckerberg. This momentum reflects an assumption of individual responsibility when, collectively, the vast movement of tax optimization preserves more dangerously wealthy citizens of the world. Indeed, as very well demonstrated by the book of Thomas Piketty the Capital in the 21st century, beyond a certain threshold of wealth, money grows of itself; without effort. Evading the national rules, the maximization of fortunes is stateless and worse, foreign to the concepts of work, merit, or intuition. Past a few million euros, annuitants or entrepreneurs, even fighting. It is well worth having overthrown l’ancien régime to see to restore a new globalized nobility,. Including in the homeland of the egalitarian revolution and the spirit of the enlightenment. Depardieu, Halliday and some other stars have left the tax territory with force fracas, some better chosen tax advisors would have spared them these vagaries by showing them how to legally escape the progressivity of the tax. Also, all our rich ultras french objections do not. No, their fortunes are not confiscated by the tax because they do not submit to the same scale as the people. No, their fortune is not (more) only the recognition of risk taking. Therefore, two ways to make these socially acceptable variations and we preserve the insurrection that comes and is heard at the ballot box. Could dream of a real application of the tax progressiveness, but to see the magnitude of current sprains, why bow to outlaw this track. Can more easily say that if billionaires do not want to pay tax because they no longer see the usefulness of this one, it is also because they don’t feel not sufficiently valued in return. They do not value for money. While they give voluntarily! To the causes they want, those who animate them, those for which they are some of the additional means will give great effects. And for the time being, we are not,. The french are a generous and this, people beyond tax considerations. A hexagonal donor on two is non-taxable. Enterprises contribute widely to the general interest via substantial social contributions and social responsibility in growth policies. Also, to resolve the social challenges of scale, the larger financial reserve is by far our 0.1%. Ridiculous number, their financial influence is considerable. In 85 global fortunes that raise as much as half of the planet, there are 4 french: Liliane Bettencourt, François Pinault and Bernard Arnault, Serge Dassault. If the l ‘ Oréal heiress was lying on his testament very thus donations to his Foundation, our three Moguls are the dwarves of generosity. To help them grow, remind them that great Andrew Carneggie liked to say a man who dies rich missed his life, dear Stephen, it is not too late! You can click this reference to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Four-year-olds had to draw another child. His drawing was rated between 0 and 12 depending on the amount of detail that it had and whether they were correct or not. For example, a drawing of a boy with two legs, two arms, body and head, but without any kind of facial feature would be punctuated with a four. Children should also perform with four years and 14 non-verbal and verbal IQ test. The researchers discovered that children with higher scores in your drawings when they were four years had higher scores on intelligence tests carried out at four and by age 14. Dr. Rosalind Arden, lead author of the study and researcher at the MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre of the Institute of Psychiatry of King College of London, there are explained in a statement that draw a child was used in the 1920s to learn children’s intelligence. The fact that this test result has connection with the results of intelligence tests at age four was expected. What has surprised us is to keep the relationship ten years later. The correlation is moderate, our discoveries are interesting, but it does not mean that parents should worry if their children draw evil. The ability to draw does not determine intelligence, there are countless factors, genetic or environmental, which affect the subsequent intelligence", adds Dr. Arden. The scientists also measured if the twins drew equal. Identical twins share all their genes, while non-identical twins share only 50%, but in all cases have a similar family environment and access to the same materials. With four years, drawings of identical twins were more similar among them drawings made by non-identical twins. The researchers concluded that the differences between the drawings of children have an important genetic link. Discovered, further, that the drawings made with four years and with fourteen intelligence also had a strong genetic link. Dr. Arden explains that this does not mean that there is a cartoonist gene. The ability to draw derives from other many skills, such as observation, to be able to hold a pencil, etc. We are far from understanding how genes influence in all these behaviors. It adds that drawing is an old behavior, descubierton makes more than 15. 000 years. Through drawings, we try to show other people what we have in mind. This ability to reproduce figures is a unique human ability and a sign of cognitive hablidiad, how to write, which made that humans could store information and build civilization. . You can visit the following http://base.justkain.com to read more on this amazing matter.