Lemmy is back on his feet. And Mikkey Dee has kept right at the end. In an interview, the drummer of Motörhead had wiped all worry about the extreme lifestyle of his bandleader of the table a few years ago. Lemmy was so tough that only he and a few cockroaches would survive the third world war. That looked very different then last summer. At that time the 1945 born Ian Fraser Kilmister, had need to cancel called Lemmy, his appearance at the Wacken Open air (WOA) due to a heat collapse. It seemed that, after more than 40 years as the incarnation of the indestructible, drinking – and smoke-addicted rock star reality have hit him well. The scheduled tour was canceled, Lemmy had to go to treatment, get used to a pacemaker and especially shorter. But now the Achtundsechzigjährige is back – just in time for the anniversary of the WOA. For the 25th time, the heavy-metal fans in the Holstein province flock since the beginning of the week, to celebrate themselves and their music in Wacken. How does not end in a never-ending procession they pull the main street of the village of 1800 souls from the campsites along, the Edeka market, the bakers, the ATMs of Sparkasse, and to country guest house "zur Post". Since Wednesday, the first bands on the huge Festival play, until Sunday, visitors at the largest heavy metal festival in the world are expected to 75 000. All in the Eva started. In this valley on the edge of the village, where now the tents and wardrobes of artists are finding, Thomas Jensen, Holger Hübner and some friends organized in 1990 their first open air concert. 800 visitors came to the wild party of Wackener village youth. Six bands played on the improvised stage, including skyline, Jensen’s own group, with which he and his mates had occurred a few years in cellars, pubs and village festivals. At the official opening of the anniversary edition skyline have played on Thursday afternoon, then Saxon and the German ur-Metalheads accept were among others on the two huge twin stages, and until Sunday morning to three, then more metal greats such as Avantasia, Slayer, Megadeth, children of Bodom come Amon Amarth. Total 120 bands on seven stages occur during the four days of the Festival, the campsites for visitors cover more than 220 acres and ranges at the borders of the neighbouring villages of Gribbohm Bokelrehm approached, more than 2000 journalists from all over the world have accredited themselves, nearly a dozen TV crews report. . You can read the following http://comma.redtail-intl.com to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

López was Reals Toldo in the championship game last season. But now, new competitor by real icon of Iker Casillas should be Costa Ricas WM-Star Keylor Navas. The 27 year-old, who previously was in Spain in the gate of UD Levante, is expected on Monday in Madrid to sign the contract. López wants to leave but actually real. Diego’s not going anywhere. He wants to stay at real master goalkeeper and will work hard for that, said Manager Manolo García Quilón. Real the remaining two years of the contract let the reportedly pay off and pulling it free transfer the popular goalkeeper who is on at the time with the team in the United States. According to a report by radio Marca, the coach at the beginning of the season but again will prefer Casillas. The 33-year-old will stand Sevilla FC in the European Super Cup against Europa League winners on the 12th of August in Cardiff between the posts, it said. Meanwhile, the sports paper AS wrote Navas coming to Madrid, because he was convinced that he gets precedence over Casillas. . For additional about this subject read website.

Even if Air France plans to ensure most flights, retardssont to predict Saturday, August 2 at Roissyet Orlyainsi airports in regional airports. Several unions have indeed called the strike, on this day of large crossover of holidaymakers. But Air France wants to be reassuring. In a communiquediffuse last night, the company reassures: "Air France plans to ensure all of its long-haul flights, almost all of its short and medium-haul flights, but delays are to be expected on this day." A spokesman also said that all of the flights to and from Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle destined would be maintained and that, concerning other airports, the situation would be known today during the day. Air France recommends that its customers to register online before travelling to the airport. It is also possible, in Paris, to file his luggage before his flight in the terminal of the Invalides to save time. The company will, in addition, update the information it has on its website and its mobile applications and said propose "from now on its customers with solutions of postponement of travel free of charge. Unions call for strike to protest against the deterioration of working conditions. A rally will be held at Roissy in 11 hours Saturday for "the protection of local employment" and "against subcontracting". The movement also seeks "the repeal of Act Diaw" which imposes the strikers in the transport sector to declare individually 48 hours in advance to allow companies to better anticipate a strike. The "Tranform 2015" plan is also in the viewfinder of the CGT. Since November 2013, that the ground personnel Union organized strikes to denounce the impact of this plan, which it is also not a signatory. Since 2012, date of launch of the project, Air France wish with the plan "Transform 2015" achieve 2 billion euros in savings in three years and reduce debt. The problem is that it has trained thousands of layoffs within the company. In response to this plan, Air France-KLM group has also unveiled the guidelines of his new project of "growth and competitiveness" for the next five years. . Extended text can be read clicking web site.

I often go in "hell". They call it so, those who end up in, to blame them or, in some cases, even for a mistrial. Marco has 22 years old and was born in Morocco but is in Italy since he was ten years old. Speaks flawless Italian. Grew up with uncles and has never known his parents. Is within 11 months for aggravated robbery. Took a conviction at first instance by 3 years. We have appealed the ruling. Michele has sixty years and from prison there was already passed. Since it was one of the elders had decided to take under his wing as Mark ones that make the prison for the first time. Michele is fond of Marco. It will be for the age difference. Marco could be his son. Michael asked me to defend Mark for free and was very happy when I told him that I accepted. "They had to add a bunk bed. We are crammed like sardines. With this hot air does not turn and I seem to choke. Let’s take turns to stand, if only to look out the window. We have only one toilet bowl for eight people. Is it right for you? " I try to explain to him that it is impossible that Michael is gone, because I would have got a communication studio and his position was to be assessed again by the magistrate of surveillance. It seems ridiculous to have to explain that one cannot leave from prison when he pleases. But now I realize that I am that ridiculous. Marco has glossy eyes. In an instant I realize and I feel a lump in my throat. . Main facts can be studied clicking the following hyperlink.

The market launch of new generic drugs in the United States boosted the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer Teva. The Israeli company raised its earnings forecast for the current year after a profit growth in the second quarter. The group to which belongs also the Ulm generic drug maker ratiopharm, expanded its profit by four percent to 1.05 billion dollars as reported by Teva. From April until June, $5 billion were implemented – an increase of two percent. Teva has benefited in the past quarter, inter alia by the launch of its copy of the lucrative cancer agent Xeloda in the United States. The launch of further remedies, the Teva last year not yet in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market sales, provided additional impetus. Total US sales climbed in the last quarter by 10 percent to 1.1 billion dollars with generic drugs. For the full year, CEO Erez Vigodman now turned a profit per share of 4.90 to 5.10 dollars per share in Vista. (rts). You should visit this fact to discover extra regarding this great topic.

A covert search of the SWR in a Mercedes plant employs the judiciary. All Daimler, an icon of the German industry, in the SWR show as a company presented, where starvation wages will be paid anyway for contract workers, the (legally or not) pay directly in addition to good Daimler workers involved. Daimler now are fighting and trying to reach Stuttgart, before the District Court that no longer see the broadcast from may 2013. Making fundamental questions: journalists may find hidden in company? Is that freedom of the press? Or is it factory espionage? Once in the 1970s, Günter Wallraff reported the "image" newspaper from the core, the Federal Constitutional Court has made it clear that an extraordinary public interest in the topic justifies quite even unlawful behavior by journalists. Frequently, investigative research have since uncovered abuses in companies. The Chairman judge Christoph Stefani suggested at the start of the process but that the situation in this case is by no means unique. The thing "on a knife-edge", he said. Jurisdiction there such cases hardly, and already in advance of the trial showed that SWR and Daimler represented various positions in numerous details. The judge also made it clear: A judgment would extend only to the material exactly as sent. In other words: the use of other, similar image sequences is still possible. The SWR show drew views the practice of outsourcing work in the auto industry in the past year. While in previous years only the operation of the canteen or maintenance work on buildings by other companies have been completed, the awarding of such contracts has long since reached the core business. So a contract means that the contracting authority for an agreed service paid, regardless of which labour, the work is done. So the rather expensive wage of the IG cannot be beaten metal clearly. . For additional insights on this topic click info.

August 6, 1945, at 8: 15 pm, the first Little boy atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay bombardier. Immediately after the explosion, there are 70,000 deaths and, officially, 200,000 victims of radioactive radiation who will die of their aftermath. On August 9, the second atomic bomb nicknamed Fat Man explodes on Nagasaki instantly making 40 000 victims and 120,000 irradiated which succumb the next years.   Director Sam Shaw (one of the writers of Masters of sex) invites the Viewer to dive into the secret history of the major turning point of the second world war. As early as 1939, Albert Einstein alerts Roosevelt on military applications of nuclear energy. The race against the clock is on between December 1941 and August 1945. The first nation that will overpower this devastating technology will prevail. The Manhattan project brings together the most eminent scientists in the New Mexico desert, is not less than 140 000 people who are mobilized to achieve this goal. Under the direction of Leslie Groves and Robert Oppenheimer, they engage in a new arms race. In July 1945, three bombs will be ready. One will serve as a test, the other two shall come upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   The series shells the time until the final result. It starts on July 2, 1943, 766 days before Hiroshima. It is from this date that the countdown is triggered. We are on the eve of the independence day, but the atmosphere is heavy. Such mantras, the time and the number of American soldiers killed in combat motivate these scientists become full-fledged soldiers. Gathered in the middle of nowhere with women and children, the scholars are plagued by rivalries and constant threats of cran soldiers who monitor the lesser of their actions on the lookout for possible betrayals.   This period of extreme tension is perfectly rendered by achieving quality and very neat decorations. Accompanied by historical figures, it plunges in this paranoid universe where no one can give his family the nature of its work, and where everyone lives under the threat of a false accusation of espionage or actual operation from a hostile power. History thus meets a more intimate dimension in addressing the procrastination of characters who consider the catastrophic consequences of their research. The Manhattan series therefore delivers an unprecedented on this community who lives in isolation in the middle of the desert of New Mexico and who holds in his hands the destiny of the world.   In this case, patriotism and idealism motivate scientific troops to complete this vehicle of mass destruction, capable of putting a definitive end to the war. Indeed, there are many which are being undermined by Pearl Harbor, an affront and a trauma must be deleted. All these brilliant minds are fighting day and night to find the right combination. Some replicas sound like war cries: The peace will be won with brains, not brawn. It summarizes the scientific and human adventure in the heart of the Manhattan project.   His wife Olivia Williams (view, in Dollhouse) is a reckless botanist who ask more and more questions. Two points it intrigue: the prohibition of cultivating his own garden and unusual colours of the petals of an orchid. Without being aware of what is happening, the relatives know that these works are crucial for the continuation of the conflict. At stake in the series is to harmoniously embrace historical dimension and personal impact. Should what compromise we accept to accomplish his duty? In this information war, friends no longer exist. The closest assistants sacrificed without qualms at the slightest mistake, likely to jeopardize the mission.   The years tubes diffuse forty on the radio are interspersed with the enumeration of the names of the missing, creating a strange atmosphere, oscillating between nonchalance and gravity. They participate in a meticulous and elegant pageant. Ashley Zuckerman and Rachel Brosnahan complement a solid cast where all the characters are in their own way their countries, either by accepting the uprooting, the silences and the secrets or consenting rivalries, compromises and the vanities and each other.   This drama of time proves captivating by combining the depth of his characters to the historical issues and questions about barbarism and civilization. It is to win the war so as to stop the horror immediately, by obtaining the capitulation without conditions of enemies, to impose a lasting peace through deterrence generated by this new devastating force. Manhattanest a historical series that household brilliantly a deceptively carefree atmosphere in equilibrium above the abyss of a global apocalypse. In the air of the streets of this no man’s land, floats a ritornello: what is left of our loves?, as the regret of a laughing period that the characters in the series are working to resurrect whatever the cost.   . Inspirational data may be found visiting this http://comma.redtail-intl.com.

Up to 55.7% employment rates in Italy, 0.2 points higher than may and 0.1 on 2013. In absolute terms it is busy carrying 50,000 total to 22.3 million. An increase-report Istat in freshly made provisional data-particularly concentrated on the female component in economic terms, the employment rate of women of salt 0.2 points to 46.5%, than men by 0.1 points to 64.9%. A growing share of young unemployed the unemployment rate of 15-24 year olds (the share of the unemployed persons out of the total of those employed or looking for work) has risen to 43.7%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared to the previous month and by 4.3 points in trend comparison. The unemployed under 24 are 701 thousand, an increase of 8% from 2013. The incidence of long-term unemployed 15-24 years on population in this age group is equal to 11.7%, down by 0.1 percentage points compared to the previous month but an increase of 0.9 points on an annual basis. Inactive at the stake to 4.3 million share the number of inactive youth is equal to 4.37 million, an increase of 0.7% in economic comparison (+ 32.000) and of 0.1% on an annual basis (2 thousand plus). The inactivity rate of young people between 15 and 24 years was 73.2%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points in the past month by 0.5 points in 12 months. . You must visit the following http://comma.redtail-intl.com to read extra about this interesting topic.

Probably what would heroine Bridget Jones in the nursing home? She would drink probably too much Sherry and behave in bingo also still always desperate for a man. So a Bridget is at least in the recent book Bridget Joan diary – appeared and described to the toyboy (Manhattan) crazy. Bestselling author Helen Fielding, who recently made her quirky heroine in a new book to the widow, is this time but not behind it – but a clever parody. Of course, the likelihood of confusion of the two books has reasons: the similarity in the presentation and in the title to attract attention in the trade, said publishing Director Andrea Best. You look automatically because of the recognition effect. Means: the offshoot wants to ultimately benefit from the success of the popular template. While the book in England appeared crazy even coinciding with the third part of Helen Fieldings Roman (Bridget Jones’s diary after him), the Publishing House has waived in this country. Why successful books ever be quotes? The attraction lies in the small parallel, you discovered while reading, believes best. When Joan about writes that Bridget’s food is anyway burned or overcooked or has an interesting blue color, is likely to be some fan on the scene in the original felt reminded, as Bridget accidentally cooking a blue thread in the soup. Plus, is also retired Bridget on the Internet in Rio – and lands at least for a moment before the altar. . Root data can be read visiting this hyperlink.

ROME-elimination of roof for salaries of managers Pa, payment of credits for 535 million to Poste italiane, threshold limit for use of cash to foreigners and tourists, the trail for doing business. These are the most important points that the Government intends to abolish the text of Decree competitive. Dual Opa threshold remains in the markets.  The Government has tabled a series of amendments to the measure concerned suppressive to environment and Industry Committees in the House. The Decree, which expires on August 22 and is expected in the courtroom Deputies for the August 4, was approved a few days ago in the Senate with a vote of confidence. Now, because of changes that will be made will revert back to the Senate. Among the points that are suppressed: the removal of the roof for managers ‘ salaries Pa for listed companies and those listed financial instruments or issuers that issue securities traded; the payment of claims for 535 million to Poste italiane; the abolition of the threshold limit of 1. 000 euros for the use of foreigners and tourists counted in Italy; the possibility in the context of the simplifications to the entrepreneurial activities of single Trail for doing business. Among other things, in the environmental field for example rules to simplify the transport, storage and preparation for the reuse of packaging and packaging waste non-hazardous waste produced within the activities of businesses; the simplification with regard to environmental impact assessment incident on seabed, program agreements for the use of resources for mitigation of hydrogeological risk; the ‘ no ‘ to LEDs for the lights of the traffic lights. For the agricultural part, stop to some provisions on organic agriculture, emergency penal provisions for ensuring food security, and the establishment of an integrated service for the protection of Italian food. . For extra facts on this subject visit http://comma.redtail-intl.com.