After five minutes of flight, the David Bowie of the philosophical deconstruction gently asked the girl: and you believe in ghosts?  Finally, so you can see it: Brown, beautiful, pale and Livid. His strokes are porcelain. The bridge of his nose is fine, as drawn by a stroke of the knife. Its large eyes, lost in the wave,.  If I believe in ghosts? Absolutely. Now, absolutely.  She said that one absent vote in detached diction, voice still child, full of tears, ready to break voice. His voice by PAL. It’s simple, it looks like a ghost. This generation of young modern people, novo, connected, after punk, it’s hers. Last generation before long to cross Paris as an endless feast, drawing new geographical markers. No, these are more monuments to the dead or the literary cafés. These are clubs, guides: the Palace, the bathhouse, the Privilege, the Rose Bonbon, Gibus. This 1984 Paris girls see Pascale as their model, the boys dream that she is their Princess. And this film, the nights of the full moon, they stretched like a mirror. On the mirrors, you draw what one likes. The film is worshipped. It could just as well have been a disaster: Rohmer, vague new engineering, approach the 65 when he made this film, its thirteenth. Usually when a man of that age focuses on youth to film, it produces bitter works (the bitterness no longer young, and blame to those who have the sublime curse to be still), movies where the characters are shown finger. That the great moralist Momo acoquine with Elli and Jacno, the ultimate french synthetic duo No, it does not seem self-evident. He commanded them yet the music of the nights of the full moon leaving them blank. When, today, asked Elli Medeiros if Rohmer’s great age, this if faculty looking man, seemed an extravagant anachronism, she seems surprised: I had not thought, there were people of all ages around us constantly, very young and very old, it was the charm of that time also. Rohmer had met Denis [real name Jacno, Editor's note], they were discussing of lots of things: Mozart,. There were between him and us of the mysterious links. When I for example knew that the film would be known as nights of the full moon, I was in shock. Because the nights of the full moon, it was something very strong for me, very violent. On this film, Rohmer grows its method at its worst: writing the script as a sociological survey, build from there a large romanesque arch, borrow like crazy to the real then melt things and finally deliver a vision. Arrive at this squaring of the circle: a film which encapsulates the time without ever yielding an inch on the demiurgic vision of the filmmaker.  In his films, remembers Elli, Rohmer was using, and even more in this one, the reality, the truth of the actors who mingles with their characters. Thus, he wanted real holidays with real people attending our festivities. Suddenly, the nights of the full moon is right. It is right and it is dream at the same time, it is a vision, a point of view, but I also know people lived like that, in a world that was a backdrop. Something that I had described in Lonely Lovers / lonely lovers with the Stinky Toys, in 1977: Let’s make our lives look as pefect as a movie. Of course, the character of Louise, embodied by Pascale Ogier, is directly borrowed from his actress but not only: there is also a Rohmeriennes handset, these girls that the filmmaker questioned at length, and among which Pascale Ogier was on the specific title of small neighbour of the third. Rohmer has its offices in the Films du Losange, in a building of the avenue Pierre Ier de Serbia, with neighbouring for top filmmaker Barbet Schroeder and his companion Bulle Ogier, actress sublime salamander by Alain Tanner (1971), but also of the finest films of Rivette, of most beautiful Duras.  Pascale is the daughter of bubble. Rohmer saw her grow up. In these same offices, Rohmer has used to invite two times a week from young people to take tea. Among them filmmaker Virginie Thévenet, who plays Camille in the film, the main friend of Pascale: Pascal Greggory, Marie Rivière, Arielle Dombasle, Fabrice Luchini, Rosette, who was with Rohmer’s small Super 8 films in which we played all there. People said Rohmer our stories of boys. We didn’t, but he recorded everything, it was the documentary material of his films. One day, I passed him a new that I had written. She spoke of my indecision between two boys. He asked me why I was not filming the. But me, I was already working the script of my first feature film, La Nuit Suspender belt.  I left him, because I knew that he was working on his side on a similar story, a fable of his Comedies and proverbs series: who has two houses loses the reason.  At the end of my story, the girl left her room at night, entering a cafe and talked at length with a man. He kept the idea. Benjamin Baltimore, which signed the poster of the nights of the full moon, and who shared the last five years of the life of Pascale, remembers him as worldly pre-existing film renders in its own way: A day of the end of the 1970s, bubble brought Pascale in my workshop. I started to make the lamps, fluorescent tubes and bubble thought it would be interested.  I had to assemble 5,000 lights.  Pascale came every day help me and we fell in love. In the nights of the full moon, the furniture of the film is almost entirely ours. The teapot lined felt indoors, comic strips (the black Incal by Moebius to associated Humanoids, the reissue of Popeye in Futuropolis), posters of Piet Mondrian,. All up sheets, these are things that Pascale imported directly from the House, the time of a sequence. Same thing for clothes. Rohmer, allergic to the classic operation of the cinema, had asked him to take responsibility.  At it, then, the striking choice of black sets Dorothée Bis, of the gray plastic Tote, large node knotted in hair, the great wide trench of wool gray, cut pliers way boy Pant, Hanro longshoreman in wool and silk – so many wonders. Yves Adrien, poet novo, keeps a strong enough frame in the fifties sequence which then hit Paris: everyone required DJ’s baths Flying Saucers Rock’ Roll of Billy Lee Riley – that there’s more incendiary on Sun Records. Everything was Pascale Ogier and sisters Lafont, Pauline and Elisabeth, were tearing the rockys shirts. All the girls were in a Neo-bardot scene, some went farther and chose to be Michèle Morgan. Rohmer probably saw nothing, understood nothing, and yet it has not today more emblematic of the synthetic years than this dance scene Pascale robotic, stiff gestures, broken wrist, look elsewhere, absent as ever, sublimely modern. And, futures, we see suddenly move to the field a little bright squirrel named Elli Medeiros while everyone dance on his piece Tarot – I pulled a card, bad omen,. Today, again, the power of the nights of the full moon is to suggest to a world where all these girls are actually girlfriends, where Rohmer, unexpected Fitzgerald, render intact a world already formed, papillonnant around a flamboyant band.  But Pascale, I the didn’t so to speak! was surprised Elli.  At the time, it came out all in the same places, it is crossed, it turned around, in the middle of a crowd of people. We really had to speak a little more directly on filming, but very little,. It was really a friend of Denis. But it is through her that the link with Rohmer is made. Jarmusch: "Pascale combined the most sensitive femininity, beauty and spirit of an intellectual criminal. Authority, all attempting to impose your brain made her horror and the were angry. No control on Pascale. She was very selective, but only to be able to escape this control. It does not often meet someone as young and also advised the world. I liked its culture, I loved it: this how to behave as a criminal. She was a person. She was as a person. A few days later, when the film crew, Cinemas comes film, the mood of Pascale is sovereign. The sequence will be shot at Angelina, the tearoom of the rue de Rivoli – punks Parisians, its marquis, his courtesans have always liked take tea at Angelina.  Pascale has given appointment at Claude Ventura, Director of the program. He, in return, has thought of a game. It tends to Pascale of the small paper on which are written questions. His answers will have viewers care to guess the question: I can’t get up in the morning. It is very very very very hard,.  Further, it is based a paper without answering the question: you seem angry, non?  And immediately adds: I am always free when I do my suitcase to leave for the next day.  It is endless to seduce the camera looking out below, stretches the arms to stitch a last paper.  Fatal things, dramatic things. and then physical things too much. . . I dream a lot of it.  A last paper falls, it unfolds, resumes his breath: it’s love stories. This is what there is of very very important to me. Very very very important. It is my fate, I think,. Forever,.  It refresh her lips in his coffee cup. The sequence is complete. . You can visit the following source to read extra about this amazing matter.

Aecio Neves against conservative President left, outgoing Brazilian Dilma Rousseff: attack that had to stage the last tv debate broadcast last night by the broadcaster Rede Globo ahead of tomorrow’s presidential ballot. A final round where a few dozen spectators, representing the undecided (a major share, equal to about 20% of those entitled to vote), have addressed their questions directly to candidates. On the eve of a crucial round of elections, among the most incandescent and uncertain in recent decades for the South American giant, the subject of abuses inside the national oil giant Petrobras continues to dominate the political landscape. The State-owned oil giant-one of the largest corporations in the world, under investigation for alleged slush funds, which would have been paid bribes to politicians of different parties. The weekly magazine Veja, just out, maintains that both Rousseff and her predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010), knew everything. A schema that was renamed Petrolao, alluding to another huge kickbacks scandal known as "Mensalao, broke out during Lula’s first term. And Neves-representative of a center-right party, the Psdb, who aspires to return to power after 12 years of rule of the Pt founded by Lula-take the offensive tactics to try to overturn the recent polls: give in disadvantage of about 8 points. Rousseff-first woman head of State of the nation’s Green-Gold, to hunt for a second term despite its popularity declining-defending counterattacked. Published by Veja is called electoral coup, contended last night guerrilla Dilma, which was during the military dictatorship (1964-1985). Are only slander, nor respond to justice, he added, at the same time in which a handful of the Pt activists flung stones at the headquarters of the Publisher of the magazine. Aecio in turn has reproached to have conducted the most sordid campaign in history. If elected, sar licenzier all the current management of Petrobras. We want to professionalize the company and give priority to career manager, he challenged former Governor of Minas. Anyone get victorious by the result of the polls, however, still erediter a country split in two from the social point of view (with anachronistic divisions between rich and poor and between North and South, in spite of the social policies of recent years), as well as struggling economically (the Brazil entered into technical recession in the first half of the year). If a portion of the population seems to prefer the line of continuity, especially in welfare programs, there’s another that calls for change, even in the wake of the street protests of the ocean June 2013: centered against corruption, primarily responsible for the inefficiency of services for education, health, transport and security. The 142 million voters–only God knows at what time will be released complete results in tomorrow night, he sighed the Chairman of the Electoral Tribunal, Dias Toffoli-entrusted now judge final. . Inspirational data may be found clicking this

In a difficult economic context, we wanted to protect the poorest families, also justified the spokesman of PS members on this text, Martine Pinville. The Government initially planned to divide by three premium at birth from the 2nd child, reduce aid to the childcare for better-off households and defer from 14 to 16 the age from which the allowances are increased, as many deleted provisions. In a Chamber relatively provided for a Friday night, the UMP denounced to the envi a bashing family and a case of our family policy which was hitherto consensual, not right, not left, and raised a risk for the French birth rate.  Family associations and trade unions are also headwind against modulation. In the UMP ranks, Xavier Breton stressed the historical responsibility that took the Socialists while for this member of the parliamentary agreement for the family, a child is always worth another child. Socialist Slingers, represented by Connie Carrey-Conte, also abstained: this question should be posed more broadly and not by the gateway to the economies, which would have been preventable by other choices.  For their part, the radical left voted for. . Additional facts can be inspected visiting url.

Beyond the clocks in panic and other appointments in advance (or late, it’s according to), this time change can have far more serious consequences. We think not, but road safety is there to remind you. Each year, at the time of the changeover to winter time, has registered a peak of accidents and mortality on the road which pedestrians are the first victims, said the Agency in a statement. Winter time increases the period of darkness at peak hours, hours to which road users are the most numerous and the most tired, the statement said. According to statistics of the interdepartmental Observatory of road safety (ONISR), this winter risk generates twenty more killed people per month. Between November 2012 and January 2013, 162 pedestrians have died, either in three months, 34.1% of the annual ‘pedestrian’ road mortality. This negative effect is not reduced in the days following this change, but gradually dissipates during the winter period, pooursuit – it. . Main data can be read checking the following

What should I do now on my cake? How should I be a like 30? Perry has sold more than 80 million singles, get dozens of awards and 60 million fans follow her on Twitter – but really grow she don’t want anyway. Her 30th birthday anyway don’t worry about preparing her on Saturday (October 25). I’ve heard that the 1930′s like a better version of the 1920s are, because you know what you want. With hits like teenage dream, California Gurls or I kissed a girl has himself Sung Perry into the hearts of millions of fans around the world – fans from 8 to 80, as she says. The singer always shows up in brightly colored clothes, always changing the hair color and is lively, loud and always also a little crazy. Almost everything about her life works from the outside seen like a big, fun party – and yet much work, as Perry’s sister in the documentary film of me stressed part. People think that she immediately had success. But she has worked hard all her life. But when she gets her current recording contract, everything goes very quickly. Already her 2008 album one of the boys make it high in the charts, the 2010 released successor to teenage dream is in many countries number one. When Perry first hears a song from the radio – in a hotel room in Dallas, Texas – she turn on the camera and filming during the minute-long Jubilee. This whole thing has exploded as we all never would have suspected it, her manager Bradford Cobb says in retrospect. Brand and Perry are getting married in October 2010. But many travel eating away at them. Perry is on tour for three weeks, then she flies three days to fire – no matter on which continent just located. But the marriage fails. Before a concert in São Paulo, Brazil, crying bitterly Perry and take photos on until shortly before the performance again her smile. I did everything I could, but we have failed anyway. Perry’s parents have seen until today no single music video of her daughter. The pastors couple is strictly religious, music by Michael Jackson as the band Queen was prohibited in the home of Perry. Just I can not look to my daughter on MTV, the mother in the documentary says part of me. But she had learned to love her, no matter what she sing – even if it were I kissed a girl. And they must also, says Perry’s sister, finally stand just at the beginning of the career of the singer. She is not ready to slow down, and I don’t think that she ever will be. . You must click the following weblink to read more regarding this great subject.

A student ran amok in a US school in Washington. He opened fire in the morning and wounded at least six people. Then he shot himself. A student at a high school in Seattle in the U.S. State of Washington has injured several students with gunfire. Police said the gunman killed himself after his act itself, a few hours after the crime on Friday. The shooter was a student, said police officer Robb Lamoureux in Marysville. He wouldn’t say whether it is a boy or a girl. Media said up to six injured. There were three injured in critical condition, according to CNN.   Amok runs by students are repeated in the United States. A former student of 20 children and eight adults and self shot in a rampage at a primary school in Newtown, Connecticut end 2012. Attempts of Government to tougher gun laws are so far always failed on the resistance of the gun lobby. For additional on this matter visit

The rebellious are nazis. Insults fly low against those who refuse to obey the forced thinking, more and more contested. The furious unanimism who yelled to blasphemy after wild deflation of a balloon that was erected, place Vendôme, the American Paul McCarthy, gave an idea of the intolerance of the guards at the service of the artistically correct. Yet, the Act of anonymous insubordination against this "work" itself subversive (a "FIR" rubber of 24 meters high, in the form of a ‘anal plug’) should be praised for its equal provocation. But contemporary art, sacred, does not taste disrespect when the target. The Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin, opened fire in tweeting, Saturday: "Looks like that some would gladly support the return of a formal definition of the degenerate art." Understanding: the Hitlerism is not far away. It is true that the prostration before this art, which exposes since Thursday at the Fiac, owes much to its rejection by the Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, converted on the later than the official realism (Jean-Louis Harouel, Grande forgery, Jean – Cyrille Godefroy, 2009). These two Totalitarianisms have elevated despite them imitators of Duchamp (his urinal) and Malevich (his white square on white background) to the resistant to dictatorships. Since then, the ignorance of the upper classes, money-laundering, financial speculation, investment looks, the promotional quest of major industrial groups (after François Pinault in Venice, Bernard Arnault was inaugurated Monday in Paris, his Foundation Louis Vuitton) did the rest. The libertarian approach, open to the first cheeky is decreeing artist, is gentrified. A flood of money now flooding this closed universe; sometimes for the best, most often for the worse. . For extra data about this subject click

On one side, the Slingers, on the other, the Government. Both teams know by heart. The playing field is familiar to them. And the topic of the day even more: the budget. The hemicycle of the palais Bourbon turns into a battlefield for counter-strike, famous video first-person game where the goal is to shoot everyone. The weapons were sharpened, the ammunition in sufficient quantity. That day, it was canardé in all directions. The chaos of the battlefield is installed. The part becomes confused. Aurélie Filippetti retorts that it has no lesson to receive any.   The replica of Benoît Hamon is yet more bloody: the policy pursued by François Holland and Manuel Valls is, according to him, a threat the Republic and led to a huge democratic disaster in 2017. As they say in the Middle: Headshot. Translation: full head shot. Manuel Valls, he is ambushed. Its target? Gérard Filoche. Hot blood, the Member of the national office of the Socialist Party highly critical towards the Government, described the dead Monday CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, nozzle of blood. The Prime Minister draws: Gérard Filoche does not deserve to be the Socialist Party. The shot is resounding. And the ploy works: we no longer speak of the slingers. But him. Manuel Valls. Stronger, faster, faster. Wednesday, Manuel Valls challenge left: reinvent or die. In an exclusive interview with the Obs, the Prime Minister has ads. It must put an end to the backward-looking left, one that attaches to a past gone and nostalgic, haunted by the Marxist superego and the memory of the Trente Glorieuses. The only question that worth is how to orient the modernity to accelerate the empowerment of individuals. Manuel Valls, the murderer of the left? When the left curls on the past, on the totems, it ceases to be faithful to the ideal of progress, and therefore itself, says he. Faster than the sound itself, the Prime Minister ahead of these opponents. How fast the little hedgehog anthropomorphic blue Sonic runs? 1. 224 km / h. Manuel Valls breath away and offers to build a common house of all progressive forces, in the form of a federation or a common party, facing the threat of a hard right and a far right that progresses. François Hollande not too waited to react and offered a forum during the presentation of the insignia of the grand cross of the order of merit to Manuel Valls. The president had words for each. And especially for Manuel Valls: you like the controversy, provided that it is a factor of debate, contradiction and synthesis at the same time. As it also there are men of synthesis in the Republic. This is very important. To conclude: we can also succeed his existence without being president of the Republic. This Thursday, the PS has the hangover. The first three days were finished to destabilise the Socialist. And the game is not over. Each Socialist to something to say. They jump all over the place. Mouth shots abound. As in the game Super Smash Bros. with its iconic characters from the world of Nintendo and whose purpose is to propel suddenly Pokeball, his opponent out of the arena. This is the rat race fair.  All shots are allowed. Not sure that the message is passed. The Socialist president of the general Council of the Jura, Christophe Perny, considers that Manuel Valls should go to the left, to the France. According to him, the political line of Manuel Valls is inefficient economically and socially and [,.] it installs as a possible alternative, the national Front and Marine Le Pen. It is Mortal Kombat to the Socialist Party. Who will remain standing at the end? The left, it is already K. O, You can check the following home page to discover extra on this interesting matter.

Brussels–so there has never been a scandal in Brussels! Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (39) is applying at the EU Summit with the EU institutions. Only he did publish a top-secret letter of the European Commission on the Internet and now he threatens even with the disclosure of the cost of the Brussels institutions. The trouble of Renzis inflamed the criticism of the EU Commission to’s budget plan of of Rome for next year. Like all EU countries, the Italian Government had to deliver the budget plans until 15 October in Brussels. The EU Commission checks to see whether the countries in the budget plans comply with the debt rules of the euro stability pact. Who is against it, must reckon with demands from Brussels. And exactly what happened. On Thursday, Pier Carlo Padoan (64) sent a letter ("top secret") to Italian Finance Minister the new EU economic and Monetary Affairs Jyrki Katainen (43). It was apparently too much for Renzi. The former Mayor of Florence wants to let apparently no longer by Brussels in its budget planning inside himself. "The budget is not made in Rome, in Brussels", he had railed recently. . For extended insights regarding this matter click

Prime Minister David Cameron is visibly and audibly annoyed about it. After the meeting of the heads of State and Government in Brussels, he said: it is not acceptable, how the EU works. Is at once the Bill over a huge sum to present – also even at such short notice to pay us. And it’s completely unacceptable, as the EU is going to their biggest contributors with a. And new dispute between London and Brussels last but not least is the enemy of Europe UKIP Party in the hands. On the island, she recently won the European elections. Recently, she sent their first MPs in the British House of Commons, a renegade of conservative. Party leader and MEP Nigel Farage sees this in his call for an EU withdrawal confirmed: that we should pay more, and within a few days, is scandalous, the British will be angry. David Cameron is so that in a hopeless situation – the sooner we have a referendum, the sooner we leave, the better. . Main data may be found visiting this fact.