The statements of businessman Carlos Zapata recognizing that hab been v victim of blackmail by the small or Nicol s became him yesterday one of the men sought Espa s m to. The former owner of the Isabela de Madrid s market the atendi calls from the world to explain one of the main questions: why not denounced at the time that the young man you hab aexigido payment of 200. 000 euros after providing him a meeting with the Secretary of Estado Jaime Garc a-Legaz? The truth is that s did before a police authority, although not arrived to formalise your complaint in writing. When businessman warned of its situation n, through one people filed, the Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, sta you recomend that not take m s the vile m young and that reported in the forfeited to. Entrepreneur went to the District of Chamart n (p or XII) with that minimum, but the Commissioner will ensure that the complaint be in worthless if not I got to a recording incriminating n. I said no hab to no real to be able to test put hand to this kid. Me coment que me pod to a micro to get information n. I will respond that esp was not to and I hab to gone to inform the Polic which was me. So no complaint is brought out, because he said that not hab to nothing if not keep any conversation n in which l allows a series of things, says Zapata. Police sources in the District of Chamart n confirm version n of Zapata. Indeed, they recognize that a businessman went at the beginning of 2013 to denounce the alleged blackmail someone doing you very young the PP for a local license. Sec n the same sources, will you inform that if it denounced without evidence being the word of one against another, and may not be an to do anything, but they offered to put media so that he could record with a microphone hidden phone alleged blackmail for as have tests. The businessman les explained that not entend c mo someone so young pod to have so much power in PP and finally reject the operation. The first d to me attends happy. It makes me cry and tells me that you hab to ca do a front of bottle. Assures me that never hab to had contact with Fran [the Mayor was Godfather of their confirmations n]; d as after, I start to give long, I derived a municipal architect. Not me solution theme and the Polic to began to give me more and m s problems until I had to close, ensures this hospitality, that arrived to be greeted by Garc a.-Legaz thanks to s. Nicol Sec n district sources, Boto not told that nobody had thrown him a quarrel and not wept, but will thrill of courage when oy to the or or used the name of the District Board. Councillor told the businessman that he denounced it in writing and ste is neg. . Root source can be studied clicking the following link.

Berlin – to meat often, rare vegetables and too much hustle and bustle in the lunch break: according to a study, school lunches in Germany is often not healthy enough. Also because of the diversity it lacks. Because there are always more all-day schools, the quality of school food is important. According to the Standing Conference, now 2.4 million students are taught all day and almost one-third of all children from primary to intermediate. In all-day schools there are into a curriculum on at least three days a week until the afternoon. Also a lunch to be served at all these days. Healthy school nutrition aims also to prevent obesity in children. Green consumer expert Nicole Maisch said: the market for school meals must remain not only in the hands of less supra-regional wholesale provider. SPD-professional politician Elvira Daraei white encouraged: the entry of federal school meals should be checked. High quality kids meals should not depend on the purse of the parents. . Inspirational source could be found visiting the following

The impact of social, health and environmental pollution generated by industries translates into high costs for our country translates into a sum ranging from 26 to 61 billion between 2008 and 2012, as reported by the EEA, the European Environment Agency, in which Ilva in Taranto was in the top 30 of Europe’s most polluting plants.  According to the analysis, only for the 2012 we talk about damages between 59 and 189 billion across Europe. A figure, the latter representing Finland’s GDP or half of Poland’s GDP. The average cost per capita for Europeans it is estimated between 115 and 368 euros. Annually every citizen pays for smog an account between 115 and 368 euros. And it must be said that the problem could be easily avoided if you put in accordance with responsible industries that are just 1% of the total number of companies on the territory of the European Union, of 147 companies. In the top 30 most harmful plants, in addition to Ilva in Taranto in Italy, there are eight industries that are located in Germany, six in Poland, four in Romania, three in Bulgaria and the UK, two in Greece, one in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovakia. Our country is also among the most polluting ones along with Germany, to Poland, to France and Britain. In these countries, in fact most focuses on European industrial fabric. To do more damage are energy companies (67% of the total). Follow production processes (17%), the burning of manufacturing (12%) and Agriculture (2%) and waste (1.6 percent). In Italy the Poisons more arrive from Federico II station in Brindisi; Gela refinery; the Augusta refinery; the Saras refinery; the Vado Ligure and the Holy River, as well as the previously mentioned steel plant in Puglia. . Similar info can be inspected checking

The world’s number one online Spotify music always lose money, to finance an unbridled growth and reverse a large part of its sales to the labels and musicians. Created by Swedes in 2008, the pioneer of the sector was still not known year of profit, and said Tuesday that it was still the case in 2013. According to the annual accounts of Spotify Technology published in the Luxembourg, the net loss was EUR 57.8 million in 2013. It is a third less than the 86.7 million (figure revised upward after unspecified accounting changes) by 2012. Turnover, however, jumped by 74% to EUR 746.9 million. In comparison, American Pandora had been $ 600 million in the first eleven months of 2013, and that of the Deezer french would be some EUR 100 million. The internet giant Google, which has just launched a paid service called YouTube Music Key, provides no figures on turnover of visible music videos for free on YouTube and Vevo. In Spotify, income comes to 91% of paid subscribers (more than one user on five) and only 9% of advertising. The company has focused for the moment on a spectacular expansion around the world. In 2013 it embarked in 32 markets, and is today present in 58 countries, mainly in Europe and the American continent, less in Asia-Pacific, and not at all in Africa. In some countries national subsidiaries experienced their first year of profit in 2013, as in France (311 000 euros) or Britain (2.6 million pounds). 24 million active users in April 2013, Spotify has grown to 40 million in may 2014 and more than 50 million currently. The Chairman of the Group Martin Lorenzon said mid-November want to spend 1. 500 current employees at 2. 000 soon. In 2013, in there was only 958 average on the year. According to Spotify 70% of turnover is repaid to the right holders. The annual report showed that summing the royalties, distribution and other costs; the salary costs, and the advertising and public relations, accounts are already in the red. Spotify bet however on the decline of the CD to the for the benefit of streaming, its product. All the stronger trend among young audiences. Some artists are missing, like the Beatles (iTunes exclusive, shop of American Apple), Radiohead singer Thom Yorke said hate Spotify, or AC/DC. In early November, the American Taylor Swift had broken his contract, joining the critical artists for whom streaming reports too little. . Related text can be inspected reading

Zacarias Moussaoui is in the high-security prison by Colorado. Imprisonment await him – until the end of his life, without any prospect of early release because he is regarded as one of the kidnappers, who planned the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and exercised. 13 years after the fact today 46 Frenchman is now once again expressed to the backgrounds. With a letter of complaint he has turned to the District Court in Oklahoma: he complained his conditions of detention – and raises serious accusations against the Saudi royal family. A magistrate refused its request for court to may express last week – they are not ongoing case. The Saudi Prince Faisal "has me at my Islamist Terroraktvitäten supports [,.] "and he did this deliberately for Osama bin Laden done" Moussaoui wrote in his letter to Oklahoma Bezirksrichterin Vicki miles-LaGrange. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" is a copy of the original letters. His sister, 63, is the wife of Bandar bin Sultan, the former Ambassador to the United States. She was once suspected to be involved as new in the terrorist attacks. The final report on the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center but acquitted Princess Faisal in January 2004 by the allegations of financing terrorism Gallery. The Government of Saudi Arabia has always denied an involvement in the attacks on the World Trade Center. In his letter, Moussaoui further writes that he had been involved in an attack which the service aircraft of U.S. President Bill Clinton should be shot down. In addition, he had been involved in planning an attack on Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary in the United Kingdom. The hijackers and bombers Ramzi Yousef, who today is like him in prison in Colorado, talked him mouth to keep because they had a deal with the CIA, which said that as Al-Qaeda Chief Planner Khalid kept Sheikh Mohammed before his death penalty. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is still a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. . Inspirational data may be studied checking the following

The framework of the XV of France chose Wednesday to bring three thick drops of blood in his five front nine so respond to the physics and engineering of the Argentine pack, challenge Saturday at Stade de France at the end of the autumn tests. In total, manager Philippe Saint-Andr̩ unveiled four changes in his starting team, after having renewed the winners of Fiji (40-15) against Australia (29-26) last Saturday. The aim is both to capitalize on the momentum created by these two successes while taking into account fatigue as a result of the exhausting match against the Wallabies, including States in the cage. We wanted to put a bit of freshness in the front five, said PSA. We know that face to the Argentines will be bitter. The Scrum remains important, what is battle ground, doors balloons. Two edits are thus made in the front line where the pillar Alexandre Menini and Hooker Guilhem Guirado are replaced by Xavier Chiocci (1.80 m, 126 kg) and Benjamin Kayser (1.82 m, 107 kg). With Xavier, Benjamin and Nicolas Mas on has a first mass line and of the same size, which at the level of the collective work can be positive, said PSA. Chiocci (24 years, 2 salt) will experience his first tenure after game entries noticed against Fiji and especially Australia, where it had stabilized the French closed scrimmage. Even reward for Benjamin Kayser (30 years, 26 salt), whose activity in only half an hour against the Wallabies in the second half was amazing (10 tackles!). This test also marks the return of the second line S̩bastien Vahaamahina (23 years, 15 salt), pinned to his poor performance in June in Australia. The Clermontois (2.00 m, 119 kg) had called for tests of fall by taking advantage of the injury to Romain Taofifenua and it prevented Yoann Maestri, bedridden for two days because of a flu. Sebastien will bring power, it has qualities to make passes after contact and play in defence, has estimated the manager who has therefore preferred to Alexandre Flanquart. For the rest, Saint-Andr̩ and his deputies Yannick Bru and Patrice Lagisquet have which kept the backbone of the team, with the same third line, the same hinge and the same trio of the background according to the manager. -Award winning Mermoz Рonly Maxime Mermoz (28 years, 27 salt) just disrupt the scheduling of the backcourt by replacing Alexandre Dumoulin, still bothered by a reluctant calf. He had more established since the meeting of the six nations against Scotland in March tournament. The centre made an early season of high quality with Toulon, said Saint-Andr̩ in touting its ability to return to the defence but also to make the extra pass. Teddy Thomas, revelation of the first two tests in November with already four tries, will still have a card to kill, just like the hinge S̩bastien Tillous-Borde/Camille Lopez, aligned for the third time. Even the back Scott Spedding, still less against the Australia, saw the renewed lease. As face Fiji or the Australia coaching postponed its decision, probably on Friday, concerning the exact composition of the bench. However, it is common that Guirado, Menini, Atonio, Kockott, Tales and Bastareaud will sit there. The latter we will bring his power as he was able to face the Australia, noted Saint-Andr̩. It will still therefore decide between Yoann Maestri and Alexandre Flanquart second line, with the advantage to the latter given the State of health of the Toulousain, and Yannick Nyanga and Charles Ollivon to cover the third line. While welcoming investment from all its players, PSA has passed as the instruction not to relax. We cannot put 10% less in investment, in combat, in the enthusiasm, he urged, fearing the eternal fickleness of the XV of France. . Similar information can be found clicking link.

The less secular Turkey, and away from its founder, Ataturk, shows once more the face of a conservative Country impatient of modernity of social networks. According to Islam is wrong to share personal photographs on social media. To launch the alarm isn’t any organization but the powerful religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) Ankara’s highest authority on religious affairs in the country, which Crescent responds directly to the Prime Minister’s Office and does so in a negative way the publication of photos with your own picture on Facebook and other social networks. A message should not be underestimated for its political and social repercussions. "It’s funny, for religion, a person expose your privacy on virtual platforms and share with other people," writes Religion on their monthly. According to the religious, you raise by the newspaper Haberturk, "people should be careful about this danger. We must pray to God to avoid the sins and deal with things more useful. Friendships will be formed on the basis of this (the beginning, ED)». The Dyanet was the first Muslim world authorities intervened against the speech of Pope Ratzinger held in Regensburg on violence in the world of Islam which led to a violent clash between the Vatican and the Muslim world which ended only after a journey the same Pontiff repairer in Turkey. Now on the eve of the Pope’s new journey Francis opens a controversy this time with modernity in a broad sense. The Diyanet adds always on the theme of social networks that men and women have the same right to use the Internet, but that people need to protect their lives, stressed that living according to morality and Islamic lifestyle is important to a Muslim. The indication of Religion in relation to social media has been welcomed so ambivalent by religious in Turkey. The former Mufti of Istanbul, Professor Abdulaziz Bayindir, there is e.g. shown agree. "No one has the right to expose the lives of others. We have just a tip for those who share your privacy: don’t do it, is wrong. But in the end it’s up to them to decide, "he said. This is not the first time that the Akp Government, conservative Islamic party, comes into conflict with the modernity of social networks, especially after protests of Gezi Park and between the end of December 2013 and January 2014 when the sites were published articles, comments or videos against the policies of the Government during the so-called tangentopoli Turkey led to the resignation of four Ministers in Office including that of relations with Europe and the loss of a third the value of the Turkish lira. On that occasion the then premier today President of the Republic, Erdogan spoke of an international conspiracy led by his former ally Fetullah Gulen. In those days the Executive threatened to block Twitter and Facebook in retaliation against anti-government campaign that used the network of social networks. . You should visit the following to read extra on this great topic.

Published on the corporate website www. municipality. Cagliari. en Cagliari in figures Statistical Yearbook 2013 (), the analytical collection of statistical data on different aspects of economic and social reality of the city, produced by the Statistical Office of information systems, computer and telematic means in the municipality of Cagliari. The report summarizes, in eleven chapters, the data tell in detail the environmental, social and economic demographic of our city and provide a guide for having a dynamic image of the structure of our territory, returning an up-to-date snapshot of Cagliari, through extensive use of tables and charts. The publication of the Statistical Yearbook, writes in the introduction to the Mayor Zedda, is an opportunity to confirm that there are no uncertainties for transparency and disseminating data in possession, or detected, by the municipal administration. We work and then to make increasingly easy and open access to this wealth of information. In the first chapter of contains information about civic administration. Very interesting the tables relating to the revenue of the municipality, from which you can clearly see how, between 2012 and 2013, and increased municipal levy against the reduction of transfers by the State and by region. Tax revenue in 2012 were 103. 939.000 euros, while in 2013 were 134. 775.000 euro.  Taxes, in particular, from 40. 835.000 euros in 2012 to 48. 605.000 in 2013: almost all of the increase goes to the disposal of municipal solid waste. In the section there is a list of mayors who have ruled the city from 1336 to today, the latest local elections in 2011 and the data on the composition of the Board and the City Council in December 31, 2013, and summary data of the budget and of the institution’s statement.  It also presented some staff-related boards in service, divided by production unit of belonging, age, seniority of service and education. In 2013 Cagliari lost further in relation to the previous year. In total the Cagliari are caused be 154. in 2013, while 564 were 156. 538 the year before. Continues to increase the average age of citizens: in 2013 is 47.74 in 1995 was lower than seven years: 40.40.  This chapter introduces the main information relating to the resident population in the municipality of Cagliari. Life expectancy is 76 years for males and 82 for females. Among foreigners, the largest community confirms that Filipina (1.499), followed by Ukraine (816) and Romania (675).  This chapter introduces the essential data relating to the topography of the municipality and those relating to the various types of public green areas, for the period 2011-2013. Present data, inter alia, on green areas (the area), on the amount and types of waste conferred on air quality.   The data section of the Istat, the Chamber of Commerce and the INAIL of Cagliari to illustrate some basic aspects of the world of work in the territory of Cagliari.  Among enterprises Cagliari entered the register of the Chamber of Commerce, the most numerous are those buildings, followed by dealing with accommodation and catering, and manufacturing activities. The 15.2% are small enterprises.  In the chapter are present at a glance the most significant data on accidents (they were 2.311 in 2012, were 2.538 in 2013) and deaths at work (two in 2013 compared with none in 2012) reported by companies to the INAIL, broken down by business sector and sex.  There are also a series of tables on road traffic accidents (falling, were wounded, with 632 854 and 6 deaths), the detection of accidents with injury data on breaches of the highway code detected by municipal police. Such as wagon crane removals were in total 5. 404Il Comune di Cagliari is part of the small number of so-called "Champion Cities" by ISTAT.  A useful tool for analyzing both general data that those related to the individual categories. The tables show data related to tourism and accommodation related to the city of Cagliari, only to have a more precise idea as possible of tourist flows citizens.  Methodologically, as well as providing the summary data, you have to divide the tourist movement between Italians (139.738 arrivals and 260.342 appearances) and foreign (813 and 83, respectively. 194.124), then depending on the type of accommodation chosen (or other accommodation, hotel) and depending on the country or region of origin. In addition, given that the bed and breakfast (passed in two years from 49 to 350) is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in urban area and growing steadily, it was established to highlight the trend by publishing the data separately from other types of accommodation in other accommodation facilities. The section gathers the main data relating to public transport, with particular regard to the airport of Cagliari-Elmas airport and the port of Cagliari. Complete the chapter the CTM (Consorzio Trasporti Metropolitani), ARST (Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti) and Trenitalia.  The chapter contains statistical data on reported offences within the competence of the Court of Cagliari (1.220 throughout), grouped by type of offence. 14 murders, robberies, 255 194 cases of stalking and sexual violence 171. 13 cases of corruption, bribery, 5 of 55 of embezzlement. The reference periods of the above tables do not coincide with the calendar year but relate to the period between the second half of the year and the first half of next year. Therefore, in this Edition, the data is updated to June 30, 2013.  The section gathers data about the health and care sector; in particular presents the data related to the leading causes of death that are the main statistical source for defining the health status of a population and to meet the needs of country health programming. Cagliari you die for tumor (1.502 cases) and circulatory diseases (1.456). Also high deaths from diseases of the circulatory system, 257, and the digestive system, 203. Just hatched, section-warns the document-will be integrated soon will be solved the technical problems that have prevented the full publication. Statistical data relating to the school population of each level and order in the territory. . You can check the following to discover extra about this interesting subject.

-The Deputy Mayor of the town of Cilento was tracked down by the traffic police already in the evening and listened for hours. According to an initial reconstruction of events, the victim, Joseph Spinelli, of 88 years, was crossing the road in the municipality of San Pietro, in a dimly lit area, when it would have been initially invested by an Audi A5 that would have thrown the body of the man in the opposite lane, just as the oncoming white, an Alfa Romeo driven by Louise M. -Impact, inevitable, and then the woman’s escape, he would not stop to lend aid. And just to understand the reasons that led Louise M not lend aid, investigators are in these hours committed to establish the exact dynamics of the incident, which could help the CCTV cameras placed in that area. The Greek Deputy Prosecutor has meanwhile arranged for this morning a more thorough examination outside the victim’s body. From it, in fact, may be new elements to shed light on the matter. . Original source may be studied clicking the following weblink.

Hong Kong, Nov. 19. (LaPresse/AP)-four people were arrested in Hong Kong after a small group of filodemocratici activists tried to enter by force into the seat of local government. The demonstrators have used concrete slabs and metal barriers that form their barricades to smash the glass doors of the Government building, but police immediately intervened to reject them. Agents have used pepper spray, batons and riot shields to push back the protesters, that to protect themselves using masks, goggles and helmets. In brawls were injured three police officers. Fernando Cheung, Deputy filodemocratico, tried to intervene, but was sidelined by some protesters. The clashes and arrests occurred a few hours after the authorities had cleared out a small section of barricades erected by demonstrators under a building across the street from the seat of Government. We cannot agree with the reasons which led to the execution of these actions, said Joshua Wong, 18 years old leader of Scholarism, one of two groups spearheading the protests. Hong kong. Original source can be found reading this