Lucia Abdulla, the lawyer of Pesaro in April of 2013 was attacked by two assassins hired by her former that disfigured with acid, was nominated as defender from Giuseppe Setola, boss of the camorra. Bristle revoked the appointment to his lawyer Alberto Martucci this morning during the hearing in the Court of Assizes in Santa Maria Capua Vetere for the murder of David Ntshediseng and has named Lucia Abdulla, of Urbino, and another lawyer, Angela Hall. Giuseppe Setola has also asked President Mary Alaia again a medical examination and also can make spontaneous declarations. Both requests were refused because the defendant, revoking the Martucci, at that time had no defence lawyer. Lucia Abdulla, 36-year-old lawyer was attacked downstairs in April 2013 by two Albanian gunmen who had been hired by her former lawyer Luca monitor lizards, and that threw acid in her face. In no time, thanks to the testimony of the woman, her ex and the two gunmen were arrested and convicted. Luca Monitors will serve 20 years in prison and two who have physically disfigured the Abdulla 14 years other. Monitor lizards, as emerged from the grounds of condemnation, acted against Abdulla not "vile and despicable" motif, but with passion "while projecting and trasmodata in the last current" criminals. The two perpetrators have acted for money: for them in the reasons for judgment we speak of "turbe motivational to crime" thrust and crime implemented "with coldness and indifference". After the attack and despite severe wounds, the lawyer Abdulla has bravely committed themselves against violence against women and for these has become a symbol. .

In 1984, it has no license or mastering, nor, a fortiori, DEA, says the journalist. According to him, Jean-Christophe Cambad read manages then do make a fake in a Parisian University and register at the University of Paris VII-Jussieu, with alli in the square, Pierre Fougeyrollas, Communist resistant r, sociologist and anthropologist come teach Jussieu. It joined in 1974 OIC and is li of amiti with Pierre Lambert, head of the Trotskyist organization. M. Cambad lis has milit within the International Communist Organisation in the ann 1970s. According to the author, who was also militant OIC and leader of Unef in the middle of the ann 1970s, unlike what claimed the biography of the current boss of the PS on his page Wikip dia (until Wednesday, it with t e change date), its th is was not sustained in 1987 but in 1985 and the subject of his th is does not cover social movements under the Ve Republic but is entitled Bonapartism and n ocorporatisme under the Fifth Republic. � .

He wanted to meet with Kim Jong-Un. An American who was trying to cross the river marking the border with North Korea was arrested in South Korea, said Wednesday the South Korean Ministry of defence. "An American citizen was arrested last night while trying to swim across the River in the direction of North Korea", said a spokesman for the Ministry.  According to the Yonhap Agency, he reportedly told investigators that he wanted to meet the North Korean leader.  No one was available in the immediate future to the American Embassy to comment on this matter. According to a government source quoted by Yonhap, a patrol of border guards discovered this MILF, extended and exhausted on the South Bank of the river Han, which marks the border between the two Koreas.  The inter-Korean border smuggling attempts are extremely rare and dangerous. However, they are more frequent between North Korea and China. This latest incident reminds of elsewhere at the time of madness of another American in 1996, Evan Hunziker, who had to swim across the Yalu River, which forms the boundary between China and North Korea. Naked and visibly intoxicated, Hunziker had begun crossing the Yalu as a result of a bet with a friend. He had been arrested in the North for spying and detained for three months before being released on the intercession of a member of Congress. Three Americans are currently imprisoned in North Korea.  Matthew Miller, age 24, was sentenced Sunday to six years in labour camp. He was arrested in April after he was accused of having ripped his visa and applied for asylum with the Communist State Kenneth Bae was arrested in November 2012. Accused of being a militant Christian evangelist seeking to overthrow the North Korean Government, he was sentenced to 15 years in labor camp. Jeffrey Fowle, also returned to North Korea in the month April, was accused of having left a bible in a hotel. It has not yet been considered.  On 8 September, the United States had called for the release of its three nationals. .

Milan-The feast could end soon for multinationals that prowling the taxes: the OECD countries and the G20 have reached an agreement on the first six places on the fight against tax optimisation of multinationals. Among these are measures on intangible assets and a chapter on the digital economy. In the viewfinder the behavior of some large technology companies like Google, Apple and Yahoo, but also other companies like Fiat, Starbucks, all with a corporate structure for trademarks, patents and financial management that travels on the boundary of tax avoidance. The agreement, achieved despite many pundits and policy makers were pessimistic, covers 6 of 7 points on which the road map set last year foresaw a closure by September 2014. Remains outside the topic of harmful tax practices, on which disagreements remain on some important technical passages. It was instead agreed a first report on fiscal challenges of the digital economy, which does not include precise measurements but draws a starting framework for future action, and one on developing a multilateral instrument to change the bilateral treaties. From time-says a Google spokesperson-we expressed our support to that Governments make the international tax system clearer and simpler. Of course we will respect any new norm on which Governments agree. The undersigned also pledges to act to prevent the assignment of benefits by treaties in inappropriate circumstances, introduce transfer pricing documentation and reporting Country-to-country for multinational companies, localization and regulatory transfers of intangible assets and neutralise the effects of the use of hybrid instruments and mismatches to avoid law enforcement. The theme will be on the table of the G20 Summit to be held next weekend in Australia. .

Double defeat for Veronica Lario in terms of emoluments as a former Madam Berlusconi. The family section of the Court of appeal of Milan not only downsized, considering it too high, the cheque for three million euros per month for three years the leader of Forza Italy has paid during the period of separation, but has also rejected the claim of former first lady against the measure by which the President of the Tribunal of Monza Anna Maria Di Orestein case of divorce, has more than halved the consistent monthly allowance, reducing it to one million and 400 thousand euros. The two «» discounts made by judges to Silvio Berlusconi actually dates back a few months ago. The first, the one for which the Veronica Lario, Miriam Bartolini, on account of the reduction to two million of the monthly fee is required to return 36 million to former husband, bears the date of last July. Far above, on the other hand, is the measure that was rejected the complaint of Mrs. and was, therefore, confirmed the figure established following the presidential hearing kicked off the divorce over a year ago. Divorce that will go to final judgment, establishing economic agreements by the end of the year, while in February the Monza courts have only provided for the dissolution of the bond of marriage between the former Prime Minister and the mother of his three children, Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi, who can still appeal against the decision to waive the 36 million. Concerning the economic litigation made six zeros checks still underway in the divorce, as it became known, when there would be no negotiation and Veronica Lario had not advanced any other proposal. For now remains unchanged monthly allowance of 1 million and 400 thousand euros, which is established by the President of Oreste believing it was a sufficient fee since the former Prime Minister during the marriage he headed in particular company and real estate to ex-wife, leaving her as an asset that would allow a standard of living similar to what she had when she was married. In a few months, therefore, the Tribunal of Monza should decide on the economic aspects of a divorce as a judgment which, if one of two ex-spouses fail to agree, we will oppose with an appeal in the second degree. In this case, if you think a new round of the story begun in May of five years and with whom is dropping the curtain on a relationship blossomed in 1980 and that ten years after the then-Mayor of Milan, Socialist Paul Pillitteri, sealed with the marriage. .

Lifting can help anyone who chooses a smaller model; the American manufacturer of mini (15 kg) to the model XXL (222 pounds), but hardly offered in Europe provides six sizes. The small specimens are something for a single person but rather, the grill of the mini has just 25 centimeters in diameter. Our test device of the size of large offers in this respect at least 46 centimeters, so about as A lot like the usual ball grills. But we wanted to grill Yes. After a short employment with the device, we can confirm the most promise. Deep down in the egg two be lit handful of coal, you should not use briquettes. Comes an essay with the exhaust air is choked up on the cover, below there is a slider with grid. Then, the thing like the devil goes without that you would get with that from the outside. Only the display in the lid can be read off as the temperature rises scary. 400 degrees are easy to reach and A lot Too much. We have then reduces the air supply and wait a little until the coals are pulled through. Outside on the dirt and weather-resistant, always in green glazed surface the egg with the time becomes hot, so you want to touch it No more, but not so Very much that burn your fingers. Many years learning comes to the lifelong use, no limit is set to the experimentation. The big green egg can not only Broil and Cook, but also smoke, cooking or baking bread and pizza. But is needed accessories, such as the cooking – or pizza plate from the endless list of surcharge. Which it has in itself, because the beautiful things are bad expensive. For example the cast iron Instead of the standard stainless steel for 100 euros, which will burn patterns in the steak – there is also a grill grate, which covers only half of the area, but still costs 90 euros. Or a simple table in cedar wood, in which the egg is surrounded by (800 euros). At all prices: our model in the family size ready for use around 1400 euros, is the largest to get not less than 5000 euros. Who put so A lot of money for a grill, which actually is a coal-fired oven, not like back there is him. In any case, it failed us, to To find a used. In America, the fanbase is large, she will meet soon again in Atlanta for the annual "Eggtoberfest". We To find that you get an exclusive device for the terrible price – and delight us again at the sight of the glow in the own, open and affordable barbecue. .

Its Chairman Bernd Lucke holds that the AfD is a party of malcontents, for something like a truism. Of course came only naturally where they are, how it should be different the malcontents to form a new party, who remained satisfied, Lucke said on Monday by analogy in the ZDF. The greatest challenge of the next years will be for the AfD that this clientele expires not again the malcontents who have become after double-digit election successes in the AfD probably long been blissful, in gloom. Until the aphrodisiac of choice fights again effect and elections in the area countries pending until 2016, the party must placate many people, who in a sense have internalized their wrath as once-disgruntled. So, the question of whether the transition from a non-parliamentary opposition that dares the big throw in their papers, can cause a Landtag group, where members provide details of Government parliamentary questions, for the party to an exodus of disaffected again arises. Lucke does not believe in such a scenario. "We have now Parliament factions, and the applications are in budget deliberations", Lucke – "and then the other parties must stand" said if they wanted such more equipment for the crime or less. The AfD will each "before the citizens come and say, who turned down the request". The AfD wants its electoral mandate so meet, as do all parties in opposition: as uncomfortable corrective. What kind of applications have the members of the "old parties", as they are called in the AfD Parteisprech to expect, will depend the, what the respective AfD country Association has decided in its election manifesto. The opposition party is To give is hardly the nakedness in contrast of to some government party, to deviate from its programme – cost proposals in budget deliberations but only the paper they are printed on. In a bailout, only the fact could bring the party that many campaign promises from Saxony, do not redeem Thuringia and Brandenburg in a Parliament are. The AfD the majority of claims that are not in the field of agricultural policy, but only through amendments or parliamentary decisions to realize won all three elections. The AfD is not the only party that tolerates little shenanigans of this kind in their country programmes, but one that occurs with the claim of greater honesty – in contrast to the juggernaut of the "old parties". Usually, the parties in such cases refer to the ability to move the respective State Government by a majority vote of the Parliament to a Federal Council initiative. This can, then lead other federal countries, subject to acceptance in a roundabout way In fact to a federal political decision. Theoretically. In practice, such applications for Federal Council initiatives by small opposition parties are a means, rather to fill a press release that symbolically fulfilled the promise in the election campaign. The AfD group in Saxony for example. Should meet their manifesto To want, she will have to many requests for Federal Council initiatives. On an amendment to article 38 paragraph 2 of the basic law. There is that each adult may choose in Germany. In the future, the AfD there should be the opinion that parents may emit as many ballots as they have children. Five children were thus on Bernd Lucke, as none of his children was an adult, for six voices, because Lucke has – the request would pay for it. Other claims would have to be disguised as proposals on Federal Council initiatives. In Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg, the AfD fractions for example the federal income tax Act To want change and introduce a family splitting – which will not be easy by the Landtag from. Other demands of the national associations, such as the unilateral abolition of the Europe-wide Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in individual federal States, would have the impact that a change in other provinces or States would more difficult during the study period. Demands of the national associations who have In fact set goals are realistic. So the AfD group will be probably in Brandenburg for the reopening of the prison in Frankfurt (Oder). Also for more teachers, more police officers, a faster supply by emergency physicians in rural areas and initiatives for regional producers combinations to the direct marketing of agricultural products. The financial sustainability the AfD as an opposition party is must not worry. The AfD group will be probably in Thuringia, Germany in addition to many other things against the inclusion of children with disabilities as also against a municipal reform, against the privatization of utilities and for restricting the activities of Thuringian constitutional protection. The AfD group will be well, in Saxony for more education in day-care centres, against wind turbines for more investment in the rail network and a weaker focus on the 20th century in history teaching in schools. So then even the disaffected will be satisfied for the time being. .

"Don’t blame the mothers." According to the journal Nature women undergo too many pressures on how they should behave during pregnancy. Pressures due to overemphasis that is given to media research level trying to demonstrate how diet, exercise and stress have consequences and often definitive determinants on the development of the child. The scientific journal criticizes the climate of terror created by the spread of epigenetic studies establishing that a given environmental input up-front, early in the life of an individual, can change a given physiological and behavior is transmitted genetically.   The newspaper also authoritative titles focuses in emphasizing how the behavior of mothers during pregnancy has an almost exclusive on the future impact of the children while factors such as the paternal contribution, family life and the environment get much less attention. This happens multiple searches nonostantesempre underline how the type of diet or stress can change the father’s sperm and increase the risk in children, heart disease, obesity, diabetes. Other studies increasingly recognize the burden constituted by the external environment, the impact of pollutants on exposure to certain toxic substances.   Nature explains that the pressure on pregnant women began in the 1970s. To be placed on trial not only the use of substances such as alcohol, which is still discussed in cases of moderate intake as evidenced by a Danish research 2012, and intake of certain foods, but also aspects such as the motherly character. Thirty years ago, for example, was a theory, largely debunked by subsequent research, which put the so-called "refrigerator mother", MOM is unable to establish an emotional relationship with the son, with cases of autism. While not coming to be so extreme, the studies on the evolutionary origin of illness sometimes may look eerily as a time to emphasize overly maternal responsibility, to the detriment of everything else and because they are often too started to be able to be considered completely valid. Suffice it to say that even a simple flu during pregnancy, in a study on 814 women in 2010, was considered a possible cause for the development of bipolar disorder in adulthood of child. A week ago a new study instead argued that women who have their babies crying nerve a lot. A few days before had been raised the alarm for canned tuna that would contain "high levels of mercury". The problem, for Nature, is that, as always happens in the medical field, searches are performed by professionals and that is good to remember that social pressures can also be harmful to future mothers, that would leave a little in peace. .

The Scottish independence referendum campaign continued with great fanfare Saturday with the ultra irruption controversial and potentially counterproductive in the streets of Edinburgh by about 15. 000 Orangemen, protestants radically opposed to the breakup of the United Kingdom. Called proud to be British, the orangist mobilization – whose nationalist action over the years has always been to oppose the Catholic emancipation in the United Kingdom – began at 10:00 (9: 00 GMT) with a rally at the Meadows, a large park at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. Dozens of buses from all cities of the country converged in early morning the Scottish capital, sign of the frustration of number of Britons see the destiny of their country into the hands of the only voters residing in Scotland. A survey by Populus for the Daily Mail directed Friday to 1. 043 adults living in England shows that they are mostly opposed (70%) to the independence. And 56% of them believe that the rest of the United Kingdom should have its word to say. Among the thousands of Orangemen joining walk the Meadows Saturday morning, most were in ceremonial dress, flag of the Union Jack to the wind. They were accompanied by dozens of smaller militant bands arrivals of any Scotland – a land with 32% of protestants and 16% of Catholics – and the neighboring Northern Ireland. We are part of the union. We came today to show our strength. We are going to be thousands against the separation of the Union between England and Scotland originally from the United Kingdom, told the AFP Craig Martin, one of these protesters just arrived from Glasgow. On the way to join this rallying point, they crossed a peinturlure booth of four gigantic Yes. They were then rewarded with a burst of applause two municipal employees who bustled to erase this pro-independence slogan. -Sturgeon: ‘believe in yourselves and Scotland’ – the meadows, the great masters of the main Orange lodges – particularly powerful in Northern Ireland but represented in the United Kingdom – addressed the crowd. Today, we are gathered here in Edinburgh to hear our resounding no to independence, thus harangued Henry Dunbar, grand master of the lodge. We are proud to be part of the United Kingdom. We are here to galvanize the vote in favour of the non, hammered the applause of his troops who sang God Save The Queen and époumonaient in their bagpipes. We are a family for more than 300 years, we live together, we work together, we lie together and I do not see why it should change, told the AFP George Atkin, a former soldier who served in Northern Ireland. On the side of the official campaign for the No Better Together, on well refrained from joining the orangist event, posting to main program, Saturday, the movement of former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the East of the country. Number of Scots retentionist in the United Kingdom saw a worried look external attempts to the province – to the possible perverse effects – seeking to dictate to the some four million voters what they must do. This applies to conservative Prime Minister David Cameron or the Ed Miliband opposition leader visits. It is true that some people within + Better Together + are embarrassed by this parade, but I think that this will affect the vote. People are going to make an idea by themselves, said Ginger Fraser, wanting to be reassuring. This non-partisan had made the trip to attend the show. Believe in yourselves and in Scotland, as it launched Saturday the number 2 of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon. Ms Sturgeon, right arm of Alex Salmond, leader of the separatists, was expected in Glasgow. She added that his camp had emphasize the richness of Scotland, its prospects for job creation and his defense of the public health system. For this last weekend of the campaign, supporters of the Yes also announced conducting their largest mobilization with the distribution to the home of the Scots of 2.6 million pamphlets detailing their arguments for independence. .

«Is there any European reality-explains Salvini-that of Brussels if they constraint Ding, because if you bring to die you’ll have to scrub. Renzi instead barks but doesn’t bite, because it says that complies with all European and constraints do not know really where to find resources». For the leader of the Carroccio "even cuts are tax: If you close a hospital is a tax for the citizen, who must make 50 kilometres to go to seek treatment-claims-if you close a school is a hidden tax. The proposal we made it: the tax rate of 20%, which operates in 40 countries worldwide, tackling tax evasion and to collect more State. I don’t understand why on this Radio has not yet responded. " Salvini also spoke of possible future political alliances of the League. "As Secretary of the Union say that the table with Alfano, who is Minister for the invasion, I sit. Who is going to the Government with Renzi does not make agreements with the League. " Who points out that the Governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, however, has met with the Minister of the Interior, Salvini replication: «we are educated people, we listen to all but the political agreement is another thing and the centre right at the moment does not exist. We are in the mountains, there is clean air, we are alone, we have tonics, we returned to race we don’t need piatire anything to anybody and the last of my concerns is chasing Alfano» concluded Salvini. "They died that weigh on the conscience of the usual suspects. Have died from Mare Nostrum ‘. So the Federal Secretary of the Carroccio, Matteo Salvini, comments from the slopes of Monviso, the latest tragedy of immigration. «18 October next, in piazza del Duomo in Milan, we will be 100 thousand to say "no" and put an end to the Mare Nostrum. The more you take the more you die». Then the League leader moves on the issue of self-determination, from historic workhorse ever League: «Hopefully next Sunday to celebrate the victory of the Yes in Scotland-added Salvini-would be a wonderful breath of fresh air for the whole of Europe, a historical event, but already today we celebrate because there people can choose while in Italy we say that you cannot. The Scots can choose, it is a major step to democracy. For this Sunday, we’re going in the province of Padua, in the Citadel because we want to be able to choose. " .